Black Sheep Sweaters, made of black sheep!

by Andy on December 9, 2009



If you own a black wool sweater, chances are the wool used to make that sweater came from a white sheep, and was then dyed black, much like the way most clothes have to be dyed to reach their eventual colour. Cordarounds however, decided to cut the dying aspect out of the process and offer a sweater made from the wool of a black sheep. Sounds simple, but it’s actually pretty tough to made a sweater entirely out of black sheep wool. Only 1% of the worlds sheep are black, and you need quite a lot of them to make a load of sweaters. Eventually, the Cordarounds crew sourced a farm in Ireland that don’t dip their sheep in hazardous chemicals, and don’t artificially fertilise the fields they graze in (no one does that around where I live either, they just spread poop, it smells as nice as you’d imagine), and with that kind of treatment you’ll hardly be expected to find that the wool is organic certified. Of course, black sheep aren’t really black, so the sweater has actually turned out a kind of grey colour, but I think we can let that slide.

It’s a cool idea, and probably a lot more work to organise than I presume, and everyone needs a winter sweater, so why not make it an interesting one?

Costiness=$125 Available from Cordarounds

  • David

    this is sooooo nice. this may have to be a Christmas present from me to me.

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