A Tshirt Blog is releasing a tee (no, not me again)

by Andy on December 11, 2009


It would be remiss of me not to mention that Micah of ATshirtBlog.com (formerly tees.ms, or tee.ms, I can’t remember) is also going to be making that risky transition from ‘person who tells you which tees are good’ to ‘person who hopes his tees are good’ with the tee you can see above. His shirt is kind of a logo tee, the three yellow bars can be found on the favicon of the site and yellow is prominent in the design, so it’s a logo tee, but it’s a subtle one.

Micah writes what I think is one of the best t-shirt blogs out there, I like almost every tee he posts, and I’m pretty sure I steal more tees from him than anyone else (for posting, I’m not making the trip to San Francsico every week to rob the man), so I really hope that his venture in the tee world goes well.

Much like my effort, the shirt will be ‘coming soon’, and I’ll let you guys know of any developments.

  • http://ATshirtBlog.com Micah

    Thanks Andy! It means a lot coming from you. Your post puts mine to shame, but I want to point out that the everything you said about me also applies to you (…but from me…if that makes sense). Much appreciated!

  • http://www.fuckmyshirt.com marius

    WOW! Love this yellow! Cool cool! wanna have this shirt! The old swiss graphic style. Helvetica and simple shapes:-)


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