410BC know how to make sweet packaging

by Andy on December 13, 2009


410BC sent me a tee a little while back (which will likely be posted soon), and I loved the packaging that it came in so much that I meticulously peeled away the customs label, 410BC return address sticker, my address, the postage sticker, and a lot of the tape the box was wrapped in to reveal a box that was far too nice to be thrown in the bin, and so will now house HYA related gubbins.* I know it’s a little silly to make a post entirely about the packaging of a t-shirt, but I think it does highlight that when someone goes that extra mile to make the t-shirt buying process more than just about receiving a t-shirt in the mail that it really enhances the experience. Of course there’s a pretty high barrier to market that not everyone can do this, as far as indie companies go 410BC are pretty big so they can afford the order minimums that custom boxes come with, and they won’t have a garage filled with boxes for years to come, so not everyone can send custom boxes, but I’m sure that every tee company can think of something interesting they could do to make the buying experience interesting.

*It’s possible that this might be a Northern English word that not many of you recognise, instead of explaining it, I’ll just say it means pretty much what you think it means.

  • zeus

    I pre ordered 3 of the new line hope it comes in that box. I love the design work of these guys so unique.

  • http://www.jrsmith.net JR

    I have to agree. I got my first shirt from them last weekend, and the packaging is top notch. I was also happy to see some swag included. It was silly stuff, like a squirt gun and some garbage pail kids cards, but I miss the days when you’d get random stickers and pencils and whatnot with your shirt orders from pretty much everyone.

    And the shirt was pretty sweet too.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Where the hell was my Squirt Gun!

  • http://www.jrsmith.net JR

    Maybe I shouldn’t mention the paratrooper army guy….

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