Human Being by Origin68

by Andy on January 4, 2010




I saw this tee and was immediately reminded of the ‘Ingredients’ tee I featured back in August. They are fairly similar in concept (in fact there was a comment on HYA on Christmas day saying the previously mentioned Ingredients tee was ripping off Origin68, which obviously doesn’t take account of Ingredients going on sale first), but I think I prefer this iteration as it feels more complete as a design and pushes the idea of humans as a product even further. Also, Origin68 put together a pretty sweet bit of blurb about this design.

This one is our Human Being design. If us Human’s came in packets (like pretty much everything does these days) we reckon they would look something like this. After all we’re a bit like the usual stuff that comes in big boxes… we’re fragile, need to be kept dry, handled with care… And kept the right way up! Especially after a couple of cheeky beers! You can be a walking talking human box… Maybe a beat box… But we’ll leave that choice to you!

Also, much like us, these shirts are organic! So you can enjoy this shirt without annoying the fudge out of Mother Nature!

Costiness=£18 Available from Origin68

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