… and we’re back (with a mini-competition too)

by Andy on January 4, 2010


Happy New Year! I really enjoyed the break from writing about tees, but it’s about damn time that I got back into the swing of things and started posting regularly, and not just about cool things I got for Christmas (incidentally, I also got a Flip HD, so expect the first awkward videos to be appearing in a few weeks).

I’m not going to expand on my goals for the site quite as much as Coty has (though I did enjoy that post), but naturally I want it to be more popular than ever, hopefully the upcoming HYA tee will the be first release of the year, with other products coming later. I’m also hoping to collaborate more with brands and other bloggers, getting back into doing interviews, behind-the-scenes posts from tee companies, and just generally getting more involved with the industry. I’d like to get into a print publication again as well, not because it brings in traffic, but because it feels good.

Mini-competition time! I know this really is a mini-competition, but I thought I’d start the year with something small. The Hide Your Arms fan page on Facebook currently has 140ish fans, when it gets up to 250 fans I will give a random fan a full set of HYA badges, one each of the five colourways, and of course, a signed photo of me, because pretending to have a ridiculously large ego is what HYA is all about. So, fan HYA and you might win some badges that not that many people have, sound good?

  • Jay

    Happy new year dude. The tshirt is cool, is there a big want for the badges?

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Whenever I give them to friends they like them, but then again they would whether they looked good or not. I don’t really have anything else to offer in terms of a products for giveaways, so it’s badges or nothing, and it’s just a token prize anyway.

  • Jay

    That’s cool, I just thought the tshirt would be a better give away being a tshirt blog :P I am sure as soon as tshirt brands start recognising the importance of your site and others, they will send out samples for giveaways like this.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Oh, I’m sure I could get tees for a giveaway easily, brands are always suggesting that to me, but giving away someone else’s product to promote my Facebook page seems a little odd, if the tees I’m having printed had arrived (they’re somewhere between the printers and me at the moment) then I’d be giving one of them away.

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