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by Andy on January 8, 2010

It would appear that sites that previously just talked about t-shirts selling their own t-shirts is becoming a bit of a theme this year. Me and Micah both announced tees back in December (and Micah’s is actually available to buy now), and now the T-Shirt Forums are putting out their own shirt based on designs from a competition held last year on the theme of ‘potential’. It’s a pretty ambitious print with the wrap-around and should print, but by the looks of things it works. I’m not too sure how much the world bubble needs to be there on the back of the shirt, but clearly it is important to the concept behind the design so it would have been hard to get the message across without it being there.

Costiness=$12 (including shipping) Available from TSFs Storenvy Store

  • Rodney

    Thanks for the mention Andy!

    We actually have always (at least for the past 3 years anyway) sold the “extras” from our yearly t-shirt design contest extravaganza :)

    The winning design gets printed and given out for free to T-ShirtForums members with X amount of posts and if there are extras, we put them up for sale.

    2010 marks our 5 year anniversary, so we’ll be doing it up big this year!

  • Micah

    Hey Andy, thanks for also mentioning the new shop! You rock.

  • Premiere Custom

    That’s a really cool print. You don’t see those too often.

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  • Krystal

    I love the way the child looks…but at first glance the image looked a bit…wrong…if you know what i mean…

  • Johnny

    That t-shirts looks great. Did you use a belt printer for that oversize print area?

  • amanda

    How does it look if we alternate the color from black t-shirts to white prints. Is it look awkward. If you add the remaining portion of the kids body from behind, perhaps it will be look good .

  • Rodney

    @Johnny I think Pony Printing used oversized screens to get the print just right. I know that they used more than one print location and the actual garments were “butterflied” to load on the presses easier.

  • Teddy Printing

    What do you mean by the garment was butterflied?

  • Rodney

    @Johnny The garment was delivered to the printer unsewn on the side seams which allows it to lay flatter on the press. More info here in the forum thread about the design.

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