Paddy’s Irish Pub T-Shirt for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Fans

by Andy on January 13, 2010

I am a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and not just because now I can go “ah, been there!” whenever they’re doing a scene on loncation in the city, so it’s no surprise that I like this tee even though the design is pretty standard stuff, though I guess that’s half the point as most bars which have merchandise rarely have great looking stuff.

The tee is $19, but you can get a whopping 5% discount at Loops & Pluto with the coupon code TWITTER5, which is a coupon they give to their Twitter followers, but the way I see it, if you tell a tee blogger about a coupon code, you’re pretty much asking for it to be posted, even if it won’t even knock a dollar off this shirt (better than nothing though, right?).

Costiness=$19 Available from Loops & Pluto

  • twoeightnine

    At least it’s better than the shitty shirts that the real Paddy’s sells.

  • Andy

    The bar from the show isn’t a real place, is it? I’d have thought I’d have known about that.

  • twoeightnine

    Yes and no. It’s not a dead ringer and it’s not in South Philly but Paddy’s is a divey Irish bar on Race St. When they show the stock footage of a street and the Ben Franklin Bridge it’s actually taken from directly in front of the real Paddy’s. I spent many a night there until 3 or 4 am but when I went back this past summer it sadly had become a “IASIP” tribute bar.

  • Andy

    Ahhh, I think I walked past there once. I went to the Race Street Cafe once with a friend, there was some damn fine beer on tap, and the food was good too.

  • twoeightnine

    Yeah, it’s basically right next door to Race Street. I actually used to hang out with one of the owners of RSC at Paddy’s who come to think of it still owes me a dinner there.

  • JR

    Is it just me, or is the link in this post linking to the recent Peachbeach shirt?

  • Andy

    Dammit, thanks JR, it’s fixed now.

  • Jfktreats

    That is because the original Paddy and his family sold the bar, the new owners kept the name because it was well known.

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