Cool Crochet Beanies from BMC Handmade [Review]

by Andy on February 1, 2010

andy wearing a hat from bmc handmade

It’s not often that you’ll see the word ‘cool’ and ‘crochet’ within a few miles of each other, but this is definitely one of those times. I can’t lie, I was pretty skeptical that I would like these hats when BMC Handmade offered to send a few hats to my way, and my policy is that I never accept a sample if I don’t think I’ll like it, but I took them up on their offer because I was curious, and because I like hats. Beanies from BMC range from $18.50 for the snug fit to $20.50 for the large slouch, which seems extremely reasonable for a handmade hat…. but it’s actually better than you think; for every hat you purchase, BMC will make another one, and donate it to a child that has suffered from hair loss due to chemotherapy. A very worthy cause I’m sure you’ll agree, making your purchase all that more meaningful, and warming your heart as well as your head.

As you can probably tell from the photo above, I thought I’d do something a little different and do the photoshoot for the hats out in the snow. It was cold, damn cold, to the point where it wasn’t particularly pleasant operating the camera, and yet, neither my head nor my brother’s got chilly during our time out in the cold. I confirmed this later during a walk around a nearby forest, I was out in about -5C-ish temperatures for about 40 minutes and at no point did I get cold, which surprised me since as these hats are crocheted, by their nature there are rather a lot of holes in them. I’d assume that their hole-y look is a positive in summer, ensuring that they won’t get as hot as a traditional beanie, so it’s a win-win as far as I can tell in that regard. The designs (patterns?) that BMC offer range from flat single colours to a few more colourful options for people that want to stand out a bit more. Personally, I’m happier wearing a single colour beanie like the black or blue ones that they sent, so as far as the designs go, it’s entirely subjective, but even the more colourful options aren’t too crazy, so I can’t imagine anyone hating them.

I’ve never owned a ‘slouch’ style beanie before, I do like to wear beanies but I’d never been particularly attracted to them, they seemed like clothing that comes with an attitude attached to it, if you know what I mean, but having spent some time wearing the large slouch style that BMC offers, I now get that it’s just a comfy beanie that doesn’t hug your head quite for tightly, and I’d assume that the ladies (and quite a lot of guys too) would be happy to wear a hat that doesn’t necessarily give you a hefty case of hat hair. Long story short, I’m now a convert to slouch beanies. So again, much like with the designs, it’s entirely up to you, snug fit, medium slouch, large slouch, they’re all high quality beanies, you just have to pick one.

BMC Handmade

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