Mr. Tee in the running at Threadless

by Andy on February 2, 2010

Mr. Tee Tee

This Threadless submission has been doing the rounds on tee blogs recently, and it’s been receiving a lot of attention, I usually don’t mention Threadless submissions since you guys can’t buy them. It’s a fun design, but I think people may have been going a bit overboard with their praise of it, as surely the only thing Threadless can do with it is a photo print, which would look cool, but I can’t imagine it living up to the concept. Now, if Threadless kicked it up to the next level (and probably a level beyond that too) and made the design out of scraps of tees, that would be epic!

Oh, and it’s a fair bet that it’ll get printed, considering that Shimala seemed pretty impressed by the sub on Flickr (yes, I do have my detective hat on).

Check it out here.

  • twoeightnine

    Awesome artwork but I just can’t see it being a good tshirt. Do you really want to tell everyone it’s a tshirt of tshirts that make a Mr. T(shirt)? Especially when the brown one looks like a towel.

  • Johnny

    Kick ass Fool!

  • skatimmy737

    The novelty has worn off in the instant I first laid eyes on it. Just like the real Mr. T!

  • Feistees

    I agree. It’s cool artwork, but it likely wouldn’t look good slapped onto a shirt. I wouldn’t mind seeing some other characters though in the same format.

  • funnytees

    There are a lot of things we can do to create a new art dimensions using only t-shirts.That was another cool piece of art made of t-shirt i ever saw.

  • Andy

    Miles/funnytees, you already have your website linked in your name, no need to link it in your comment too.

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