200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

51. I’m fairly sure that this tee is based on a Threadless tee that you’ll see later. $17.99 Buy it at Noisebot

52. If there anything hotter than a girl with mustard around her mouth? $11 Buy it at Heartcore Clothing

53. Oh, in-your-endo! $20 Buy it at Busted Tees

54. If you’re reading this list, chances are you like to cook. $26 Buy it from Pyknic Clothing

55. Fresh to death? $18 Buy it at Threadless

56. You can’t touch it but boy do you want to. $29.92 Buy it at RedBubble

57. Who only eats half an M&M? All supermodels are suspects. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

58. Whenever people contemplate going veggie, they always seem concerned that they’d miss bacon snadwiches, as if that’s the ultimate zenith of meat products. $24 Buy it at No Star Clothing

59. If you’re a big fan of sausage rolls the sex part of this design might become something of an issue for you. £17.50 Buy it at Regal Clothing

60. It’s actually quite refreshing to see a design with kanji on it that doesn’t involve sushi in some way. $13.49 Buy it at Gesshoku

61. Rules of internet list writing, #1: lists must include a cat at some point. $21.50 Buy it at TopatoCo

62. I’m sure you don’t care, but I am really getting into mustard at the moment. $15.99 Buy it at Cotton Factory

63. Can you imagine how wonderful life would be if pills tasted like burgers, I’d look forward to getting sick. $20 Buy it at Etsy

64. I never realised how much Americans loved wings until I got there and you could buy about 100 at a time in some bars. $20 Buy it at Mullens

65. I don’t get it but I still think it’s pretty funny. $18 Buy it at Crispy Tees

66. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that level of attraction to a meal, but each to their own. $16 Buy it at Rizzo Tees

67. I like gingerbread, writing this list has reminded me about so much food I haven’t eaten for ages. $9 Buy it at Threadless

68. Wow, that is one epic (fake) burger… or two really small people. $24 Buy it at Hamburger Disco

69. To be honest, I’m pretty much out of ice cream related descriptions that aren’t dirty. $22 Buy it at Linty Fresh

70. I’m generally anti-David & Goliath ever since there was pretty conclusive evidence that they steal artwork, but this tee is just too cute. $20 Buy it at David & Goliath

71. Why are scientists wasting time trying to cure cancer when self-assembling burgers are not yet a reality? $20 Buy it at Dube

72. Ever tried to run with an ice cream? Yeah, don’t. $14 Buy it at Paper Root Clothing

73. “I ate him with a nice glass of chilled milk.” $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

74. If you don’t recognise that illustration I don’t think you’ve been on the internet before. $17.99 Buy it at Noisebot

75. Eat your heart out. $15.99 Buy it at Amorphia

76. Most foodies probably don’t consider chewing gum to be food, but this tee is cool, so I thought I’d include it. £12.55 Buy it at DeviantArt

77. Making your model wear a jacket does not stop his tee from being kinda lowbrow. $18.95 Buy it at Snorg Tees

78. The joy of getting a single onion ring as a freebie is one of those things that really makes you savour the little things in life. $14 Buy it at BustedTees

79. Another classic JC design for all the bakers out there. $35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes

80. I really like the style of this tee, nice and playful. $17.95 Buy it at Fuzzy Ink

81. Nice usage of a back print on this tee. $15 Buy it from No Star

82. Bacon IS A Vegetable. $17.99 Buy it at Diesel Sweeties

83. Really clever tee, can anyone remember what this style of illustration is called. $32 Buy it at Altru Apparel

84. Can’t really think of anything to say about this tee, but it’s a nice illustration and red/white is a great colour combo. £35 Buy it at Hustlin’ Bakery

85. I want it, I want it in my belly. $24 Buy it at Hip Hop DX

86. The shinier the better in my book. $23.94 Buy it at RedBubble

87. There HAS to be someone that sells negative fortune cookies, anyone? $9.99 Buy it at NoiseBot

88. I am most definitely a lover of meat, but even I think this is a bit gross. £14.18 Buy it at MySoti

89. Is this a Space Invaders parody? If so, awesome! $12 Buy it at Spraygraphic

90. My obsession with tees has got to the point where I looked at this image and said “cute”, but I was talking about the design, what is wrong with me! All sold out at Threadless, but a great shirt.

91. Last time I ate a salad someone said “well done” which pretty much sums up salad for me, it’s always something you eat when you feel you should be good. $18.95 Buy it from Mike Birbiglia

92. I’m actually surprised there isn’t genetically engineered Jew-friendly pig so that they could enjoy eating it… I know nothing about Judaism. $17.99 Buy it at KosherHam

93. The best kind of learning involves learning about meat. $18.95 Buy it at snorg tees

94. Burgers and robots, you know I’m on this! $19 Buy it at Design By Humans (but only if you’re size XL)

95. It’s a stupid design, but I like it. $15 Buy it at TopatoCo

96. Ummm, is that girl not wearing pants? $16 (currently on sale, usually $20ish) Buy it at Seibei

97. Deffo the manliest way to eat a steak. $17.95 Buy it at Popular Threadz

98. Hey America you know how at the cinema you can put melted butter on your popcorn, that isn’t an option in Britain, whenever I tell my friends about it they’re disgusted, and I agree with them, but secretly I loved it. $10 Buy it at BustedTees

99. I could say something fancy in French here, but I know I’d get it wrong and end up insulting someones mother. $15.99 Buy it at Cotton Factory

100. Sooo, is err, is this kinda racist? $18 Buy it at LoiterInk

Page two, done! Halfway through, your wallet empty yet?

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