200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

101. It’s pretty easy for me to support local farmers as I live in the country, but it would be a bit of a struggle for you city folk. $32 Buy it at Brand of The Free [via ATshirtBlog]

102. If I saw someone wearing this, I’d know that they were an alright kind of fellow. £17.50 Buy it at Regal Clothing

103. Cuuuute! $14 Buy it at Threadless

104. Sometimnes simple illustrations are the most wearable. $35 Buy it at 2k By Gingham

105. Chew, chew! $21.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

106. As seen in Revenge of the Nerds, retro-tastic! $21.95 Buy it at Found Item Clothing

107. It’s true you know. Oh, and you’re singing the song in your head now, right? $22 Buy it at Glarkware

108. I like the slight mistranslation in this shirt “I like cupcake.” €13 Buy it at laFraise

109. He’s all man! $35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes

110. This shirt has inspired me to be a hot dog for Halloween this year. £11 Buy it at Holebrain

111. Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten candy floss, never been particularly attracted to it. £10 Buy it at Pandy Cane

112. Similarly, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Smore. $17.99 Buy it at NoiseBot

113. I like the way that the food is at the top of this tee, because it means it’s the first thing they thought of. $14.99 Buy it at the Printed Mind

114. Not too sure about the purple print on a purple tee, but it’s a solid concept. $19.99 Buy it at Uneetee

115. “Happy Food is Good Food” this tee clearly subscribes to the idea that everything in moderation is okay. $8 Buy it at Milk Eggs & Co. (but only if you’re a medium)

116. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, and I don’t have sex, but I will snort a line of bacon given half a chance. $18 Buy it from Crispy Tees

117. This one actually makes me feel a little sad, then I remember how much I like steak. $15.99 Buy it at Amorphia

118. Isn’t vegetarian vampire an oxymoron? $17.99 Buy it from Kickin’ Ass Tees

119. Gotta love the treatment they’ve given that ampersand. $26.98 Buy it at Pyknic Clothing

120. I’ve got no idea what kind of food that’s meant to be, but it doesn’t look that appetising to me. £12.09 Buy it at MySoti

121. Sausages and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, two of my favourite things. £18 Buy it at Last Exit to Nowhere

122. Glennz seems to have as much of a food tee obsession as I do. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

123. This tee is sold out, but as far as food tees go it’s a classic. It’s a Threadless joint.

124. I think that this design would have benefitted from not having the hand and chopsticks, but it’s still pretty nice. $26.93 Buy it at RedBubble

125. I don’t entirely understand this tee, but I do know it is definitely accurate. $18 Buy it at TopatoCo

126. Sooo, anyone else find this product photo both kinda hot and hot disgusting at the same time? $22 Buy it at Mr. Tastees

127. I’m pretty surprised that there aren;t more tofu-focused tees out there. $24 Buy it at Spicy Brown

128. OMG, can you imagine a world where something like this was real… it would be glorious. $17.99 Buy it at Diesel Sweeties

129. I don’t mind raisins in cookies, but when they’re exposed to the oven heat they dry out, getting all chewy, and that, I do not care for. $9 Buy it at Threadless

130. Venn Diagram of how a corn dog is interesting. Also, corn dogs? I like ‘em. $24 Buy it at No Star Clothing

131. I love this tee, great colours and style. £10 Buy it at Crispin Finn

132. Now there’s a guy that likes ham. Ham! $14 Buy it at Psycho Reindeer

133. I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that doesn’t know Kevin Bacon…. he is Kevin Bacon! $20 Buy it at Busted Tees

134. Feel free to call me a hero for writing up this list. $9.99 Buy it at NoiseBot

135. Is there a blog about adding bacon to things to make them better? $18.95 Buy it at Snorg Tees

136. Actually, he died of loneliness. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

137. These guys have got a cool logo, huh? $22 Buy it at Hamburger Disco

138. Always good to see a Spoonerism (or something close enough I’ll claim it as one) on a tee. €13 Buy it at LaFraise

139. Mmmmm, molten sugar, I’m definitely not going to burn myself on that. $15 Buy it at Threadless

140. A bear madfe of gummy bears, genius! $21.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

141. Diggin’ that simple illustration. £30 Buy it at Justin Hustlin’

142. Very cool ‘paint by numbers’ concept on this tee. £16 Buy it from The Libertarian

143. I love lamb… I love… carpet. £18 Buy it at DeathGob

144. This tee is Funny, get it? $20 Buy it at BustedTees

145. I would have thought that for a few people this is an aspirational tee. $35 Buy it at 2k By Gingham

146. Man, I haven’t had waffles for ages, I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow! $22.50 Buy it at Loyal Army

147. This tee is sold out, but after living in Philly for a few months it would be a disgrace for me not to find list a cheesesteak tee.

148. Cool design treatment on this one, I like the way they’ve stuck to traditional pizza box colours. $9 Buy it at Threadless (but only for the ladies at the moment)

149. I swear, I could have made a whole list just out of bacon tees. $18.95 Buy it at snorg tees

150. I think this might be my favourite tofu-based tee, I know it doesn’t have too much competition, but it’s still cool. $21.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

One more page to go, still some good stuff to come, wouldn’t it have been cool if I put all the dessert themed designs at the end and a couple of coffee designs in the comments? I haven’t because that would be ridiculous, but still, imagine…

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