200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

151. Not sure if this is referencing anything (JCs tees often do), but if you were a baker I’m sure you’d love this tee. $35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes

152. This tee reference’s a bit from the Simpsons, but it reminded me of an interactive Google Maps Mashup called the McRib Locator that I think is a use of the technology that Google probably never envisioned. $16 Buy it at Rizzo Tees

153. What? Even Spec Ops guys enjoy a tasty and refreshing treat on their break. $19 Buy it at Design By Humans

154. That statement pretty much boils down to the premise of this whole post. $15 Buy it from No Star Clothing

155. I wouldn’t eat that if I were you, it’ll make you think you’ve doubled in size and can jump really high. Y’know, if you look for it hard enough, there’s a drugs-based sub-text in most children’s media. $18 Buy it at Threadless

156. Nope, there is definitely no copyright infringement going on here, move along folks. €15 Buy it at Burger

157. Good mexican food is something else that is unfortunately hard to come by, I imagine that if someone from California came to visit they wouldn’t even touch our Coke because “it’s not as good as the real Mexican stuff.” We get it California, Mexicans live there so you get good food, we know! $28 Buy it at Local Celebrity

158. I actually find this tee strangely moving, which is a surefire sign that I’ve been looking at food tees for too long (I wrote this whole list in a day). $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

159. This design actually references the Flying Toaster that was a screensaver for so many back in the 90s, but seeing as toaster are usually associated with bread, and bread is food, I think it fits into this list just fine. $26.98 Buy it at Pyknic Clothing

160. I’ll eat tomato ketchup, and I’m a fan of tomato sauces in general, and put a slice of tomato in a burger and I’ll eat it, but I still think that raw tomato on it’s own just tastes a bit weird. $19.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

161. I like the idea that you could cross off a burger on the pattern with a marker pen every time you ate one. $22 Buy it from Hamburger Disco

162. Wonderful mix of styles here, and that fish does look like something that would be used by the (imaginary) Fish & Chip Council of Britain. £15.39 Buy it from MySoti

163. Now that’s some tasty type work. $26.93 Buy it at RedBubble

164. I’m sure there’s a joke I could make about “The Sausage King” being the nickname of a friend of mine at University, but I’ll force myself to rise above the innuendo. $20 Buy it at 80sTees

165. I assume that microwaves are a bit of a no-no in a professional kitchen, but they are mighty useful in my opinion. $26.99 Buy it at Monsieur Eureka

166. I do like thatlittle robot but I don’t really know how mcuh it has to do with tofu beyond having it written on it’s chest. $24 Buy it at Spicy Brown

167. I’m glad that I managed to get an Olly Moss designed tee into this list since he’s one of my favourite designers. $18 Buy it at Threadless

168. Both the sentiment and the illustration on this tee are pretty bizarre, and that’s why I like it. $15.99 Buy it at Cotton Factory

169. I don’t know if this design is particularly wearable, but I think it’s a good illustration. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

170. Strictly speaking this isn’t a food tee, but I think the sentiment rings true. $15 Buy it at No Star Clothing

171. Arrrgggghhh!!! It’s shhhooooooo cuuuuuttttteeee! $19.50 Buy it at Loyal Army

172. It’s fair to say designers like this whole “cookies & milk” theme. $35 Buy it at 2k By Gingham

173. Grilled cheese sandwiches make me so glad I’m not intolerant to wheat and lactose. $19.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

174. Like a lot of items on this list, I am a big fan of Mac & Cheese. In Britain I always make it all from scratch (well, I’m not rolling out pasta but you know what I mean), but when I was in America I did use the Trader Joe packet mix and thought it was pretty good… when I added real cheese… and a little cream… and seasoning… and bacon. $18 Buy it at Threadless

175. One of my prized travel souvenirs is a $1 lucky waving cat I picked up at a street market in Hong Kong, it just sits there waving all day long, there’s something comforting about that. $32.98 Buy it at Pyknic Clothing

176. Here’s a tee for the Robocop fans out there. £25 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees

177. Do you ever have those days when you decide you aren’t going to eat anything and just drink booze? You do? Seriously? You should probably get some help there, friend. $24 Buy it at No Star Clothing

178. Grilled Cheese > Most other things including tacos. $19.95 Buy it at Clutch Tees

179. Y’all can read that, right? $19.99 Buy it at Spambot

180. Food porn so hot it needed to be pixelated, you know that’s some raw meat! $24.99 Buy it at Meme Engine

181. That could really put it off my soup, well, at least until I rearranged the letters to say ‘boobs’. $9.99 Buy it at Noisebot

182. Just so we’re quite clear, I do not endorse the eating of human flesh… though apparently it’s a lot like chicken! £14.66 Buy it at MySoti

183. Do people eat bats? I can’t imagine there being a lot of meat on a bat. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

184. I’d like to wear this and go into a sandwich shop. $15 Buy it at Type Tees

185. I don’t get it, enlightenment please? $22 Buy it at Glarkware

186. I only eat green Granny Smith apples, and shenanigans like this are precisely why. $18.95 Buy it at Snorg Tees

187. The print is a little small for my liking, but I’m sure that won’t be an issue to Pho enthusiasts. $23.94 Buy it at RedBubble

188. Again, the print is a little small, but this design does contain epic levels of kawaii. $14.99 Buy it at Gesshoku

189. Apparently the Ichiraku Ramen Shop is in Naruto, I’ve never watched it so I wouldn’t know, but I like ramen and realised that it was woefully underepresented in this list. $17.99 Buy it at Think Geek

190. This design ‘includes glitter’… uh-huh. $19.99 Buy it at Clutch Tees

191. If I were feeling pretentious I’d say “posted without comment” on this little social commentary. By the way, KFC in America is streets ahead of the UK offering, an issue which saddens me. $18 Buy it at Loiter Ink

192. Oh, so this is another Loyal Army tee, is it ridiculously cute? Why yes, yes it is. $22.50 Buy it at Loyal Army

193. So it should be fairly clear by this point that fortune cookie tees are popular with designers. $22 Buy it at Daydream [via ATShirtBlog]

194. I’m actually quite surprised that we don’t get crazy coloured noodles, seems like they’d be kind of fun to eat. £12.45 Buy it at MySoti

195. I don’t know why people have a problem with MSG, there aren’t any studies connected with it causing health problems when eaten in moderate amounts, I like to treat as just another seasoning. $23.94 Buy it at RedBubble

196. I like the idea of fast food mascots hating each other. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz

197. I’m probably building this up too much in my head, but I imagine that the cracker is a little bit slow and that the chocolate is the evil genius. $18.95 Buy it at snorg tees

198. I don’t think that a sweet looking lady like that has it in her to flip the bird, I’d like to think they just blurred her index finger. $12 Just about sold out at Threadless

199. It’s a happy looking burger, but the eyes look like they’ve been taken from an insomniac. £14.84 Buy it at MySoti

200. Thought I’d better end on a high note with a tee that I’m not nearly manly enough to wear. $15 Buy it at Type Tees

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the list, I am mighty impressed with your commitment. Hopefully you found a few tees you liked. If you liked this post, it would be great if you could share it with others in any way that you like, Twitter is de riguer but if you still like to send information by carrier pigeon then that would be good too, in fact, that would be awesome, send me a picture of your HYA-loving pigeon and I’ll post it on the blog!

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