200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

If you love food and you love tees, you’re going to love this post. Regular fans of the site will be aware that my love of tees is just about rivalled by my love of food. I wouldn’t describe myself as a foodie, I just like eating good food, and if I’m going to eat something unhealthy (like a burger) then why shouldn’t I try and eat the best one possible to justify all those delicious calories?

How it’s taken me this long to put together a food t-shirt list surprises me; there are hundreds of great tees out there for gourmands and gastronomes, and hopefully you’ll find something in this list you like.

If you were directed to this site from a link, tweet, stumble or something social like that, presumably this will be your first visit to HYA, so thanks for visiting and please look around the rest of the site or sign up for the RSS feed to keep yourself updated. If you liked the list it would be great if you could share it with others (Twitter, Facebook, writing the URL on a cake in frosting). As ever the shirts are not listed in any particular order, so don’t feel that the numbers mean anything, they’re just there so I can keep track of items. This list has been split into 4 pages of 50 tees, because having lots of people loading up 200 pictures at a time would be rather stressful to my server. If you want to jump through or load all the pages ahead of time in different tabs, here are links to the second, third and fourth pages.

Now, gorge yourself on t-shirts, they’re fat-free!

1. Nice story to this tee, I had dinner with David that runs Seibei, and he taught me that Korean food wasn’t actually as weird as I thought it was, we also share a love of sandwiches. $16 – Buy it from Seibei

2. 75% of the sales from this (great) shirt will be going to help with Haitian disaster relief, which should help part you with your cash. $20 – Buy it from Pyknic

3. Home-grown food usually tastes better, but I think that’s probably more of a mental thing. $18 Buy it at Metro Three [via ATshirtBlog]

4. This Home Alone parody shirt is a lot like whenever you go grocery shopping, you always forget something. $35.99 Buy it at Johhny Cupcakes

5. Typography + food = The Ampersandwich tee. $22 Buy it at SimpleBits

6. The first of many Threadless tees in this list. $18 Buy it at Threadless

7. Oh Snorg Tees, you do make me laugh. $18.95 Buy it at snorg tees

8. Took me a while to get into mushrooms, and even now I’ll only have them in a sauce. £20 Buy it at Tee and Toast

9. Poor popsicle, it froze to death! $15.99 Buy it at Panic Pop

10. Ummm, delicious? $15 Buy it at TopatoCo

11. Ahh breakfast, so many opportunities. $24 Buy it at No Star Clothing

12. Ha, because there’s 5 jars of mayo, good one BustedTees! $20 Buy it at BustedTees

13. That is an epic amount of ice cream on a cone, I’m not saying that the design is wrong, I’m just saying it’s a lot of ice cream. $22 Buy it at Randr

14. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been there. $22 Buy it at Hamburger Disco

15. I have no problem with vegetarianism, but I just can’t see myself not wanting to eat meat, ever. £17.50 Buy it at Regal Clothing

16. Mmmm, I wish I knew how to make bulgogi, or there was somewhere within 100 miles that I could buy it. $19.99 Buy it at Funky Koreatown

17. If this were reality I’d probably spend everyday waist deep in a river waiting for a dumb/delicious fish to eat a hook. $19.95 Buy it at Glennz Tees

18. That is one Hungry Hungry Hippo. $9 Buy it at Threadless (only available in size XS at the moment)

19. Trust Design By Humans to turn chopsticks into a crazy angular design. $19 Buy it at Design By Humans (but only in Women’s XL, sorry)

20. You won’t hear me saying this often, but that is a cute muscle-y man muffin. $15.99 Buy it at Cotton Factory

21. So cute, it is second hand from Loyal Army, but Teecycle give money to charity from each sale. $7 Buy it at Teecycle (size XS)

22. Few things rival a fresh croissant in the morning with some butter melting on it. $19.50 Buy it at Loyal Army

23. Who doesn’t love pixelated hot dogs? £14.84 Buy it at MySoti

24. I have a girlfriend so I’d better leave this tee alone. $20.99 Buy it at Wiftees

25. I really wish we had more of a street food culture in the UK, it’s one of the things I miss about America. $25 Available from La Cocina [via ATshirtBlog]

26. Much like street food, PB&J never really took off in the UK, this isn’t exactly something I’m saddened about. $18.95 Buy it at Snorg Tees

27. Hmm, can’t think of anything to say about this design, but I do like it. $20 Buy it at Stove Monkeys

28. Am I the only person that actually likes how fortune cookies taste? $18.99 Buy it at ReThink Clothing

29. Hot damn I want a burger right now, can you imagine how hungry I’m getting writing this list? $18 Buy it at Threadless

30. It would appear that sushi is a top topic for tee designers, hardly surprising, sushi is delicious. $10 Buy it at Spicy Brown

31. I kind of like the idea of a yeti just hanging out and having a BBQ. $28 Buy it at Gama-Go

32. Everyone (including Nerdy Shirts) knows that spooning leads to sporking. $19.97 Buy it at Nerdy Shirts

33. Wow, that model looks dead inside. £39 Buy it at Lzay Oaf

34. I really like the simple burger on this design. $17.99 Buy it at Noisebot

35. Who doesn’t? And yes, I know this is really a tee for gamers. $18 Buy it at Crispy Tees

36. Is this tee from Police Academy a dick joke or a pregnancy joke? $21.95 Buy it at Found Item Clothing

37. It must be lonely being a giant monster, especially when you hate everyone else your size. $20 Buy it at Made With Awesome

38. Ha, it’s always surprised me there isn’t a company that makes fortune cookies with negative phrases on them. $20 Buy it at Busted Tees

39. The classic Johnny Cupcakes crossbones logo. $35.99 Buy it at Johnny CUpcakes

40. Clever treatment of the Goodie Two Sleeves Logo. $21.98 Buy it at Goodie Two Sleeves

41. I think that this tee has something to do with Serious Eats, my favourite food blog, so it must be good! $19.99 Buy it from Neighborhoodies

42. This one is probably exclsively for Battlestar Fans. $22 Buy it at Glarkware

43. Kobayashi is “that little guy that eats all the hot dogs,” people think pro-eating is a fat guy sport, but in reality the ‘belt of fat’ theory means that larger people actually struggle to eat vast quantities…. I read a book about it. $19 Buy it at TopatoCo

44. I’m a big fan of noodles, and a big fan of this tee from Tilteed, hardly surprising considering it was designed by the guy that produced the HYA logo. $18 Buy it at Tilteed

45. I know fast food will be the death of me, but frankly, it’s worth it. €16 Buy it from Lola Camisetas

46. Ahhh, people do love icecream, though this particular cone looks a bit mean. $22 Buy it from Mr. Tastees

47. Apparently there’s something called Hollywood Chewing Gum in France (where laFraise are from) which makes this tee more clever than I realise. €23 Buy it at aFraise

48. Apparently this tee references a now-defunct Italian fast-food chain from the 80s, whatever, it says Burger, and burgers are awesome! €15 Buy it at Burger

49. It was a banner day in the Bowness household when I found this tee. $19.95 Buy it at Clutch Tees

50. It’s probably for the best that I don’t have a local greasy spoon, it would be the death of me. £18 Buy it at DeathGob

Well done, you’ve made it through the first page, just three more to go!

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