SinS Wolf Hoodie by Chateau Roux [Review]

by Andy on February 18, 2010

chateau roux hoodie

The Chateau Roux team were kind enough to send over one of their fine hoodies to keep me warm during winter, and whilst it is a warm hoodie, I was still pretty chilly when I dashed outside into the -9C air to take these photos, but then again, I think it would be pretty chilly whatever I was wearing when it’s that cold.

The hoodie is a size XL; when I’m wearing an American Apparel XL hoodie it’s pretty baggy, but as you can probably tell from the photos, this hoodie is a bit of a slim fit on me. It’s pretty thick and I don’t think that it’s too tight (I actually think it’s quite slimming), but it’s definitely a fashion fit and should be purchased as such, so if you want to wear something that’s a little roomy then order a size up.

Every aspect of this hoodie screams quality, I’m very, very impressed with it. Chateau Roux aren’t a bargain-basement kind of a brand, yes, it is possible to get a cheaper hoodie elsewhere, but I doubt that you’ll be able to get a hoodie of similar quality without paying quite a lot more, and with this design being on sale at the moment it really is excellent value.

Costiness=£42 Buy it at Chateau Roux

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