The Great HYA x Eraser Tees “Stack ‘Em Up” Giveaway!

by Andy on February 22, 2010

Stack ‘Em Up with HYA and Eraser Tees! from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

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Wow, how comfortable am I on camera? And that was the best one after 52 takes! Well, the more I do video the better I’ll get, so yes, expect to hear me talking more in the future, hopefully looking less tired, and without a sore throat, and in the correct aspect ratio, and possibly having done my hair…

I’ve teamed up with Eraser Tees to give away 5 shirts, and I think that the competition is pretty fun. Next Tuesday I’m going to take some of my t-shirt collection, fold them so they’re the same size, and then try and stack them up as high as I can and when the pile falls over, that amound of tees will be the winning number. Basically, how many t-shirts can I stack on top of each other?

Just leave a comment on this post telling me how many t-shirts there will be in the stack before it falls over (so if I’m at 50 tees, and the 51st is when it falls over, the winning number will be 50 because that was the last point at which the stack was stable), and you’ll be eligible to win a free t-shirt. Please note that I ‘only’ have around 300 shirts, so whilst the chances of my stacking anywhere near that amount are very low, any guess above that number would be pointless. The 5 closest guesses will be the winners. Please remember to use a real e-mail address that I can contact you at when you’re leaving your guess, because if you win and I can’t contact you, I’ll have to go the tee to someone else.

You have until midnight GMT next Monday (that’s March 1st) to leave your entry. I’ll close the comments at that point and then stack the t-shirts on the Tuesday, make up another video (possibly with some stop-motion goodness) and announce the winners on Tuesday.

*Update* It’s been pointed out to me that I haven’t covered that usual issue of people making the same guess. I think that with 5 people receiving a tee this should be less of a problem than usual, if at all, but in the event that there are too many winners, I will use a random number generator to determine the t-shirt winners, and the people that miss out on a tee will receive a Hide Your Arms badge pack. Oh, and if you were wondering about my stacking skills, here are a few examples. Also, if you’re wondering about the stacking, all the tees will be folded the same using a Wonderfold, as the tee in the video had been, and stacked in a single pile.

Good luck!

  • Neil

    My RNG says 60, so start carefully, but try to get bored round about that number.

  • jacob

    hmm…… 111

  • SteveOramA

    25 shirts!

  • Jess

    hmm, i thought you could break 70! but a good effort none the less. I would like to see an encore

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