I heart HYA, well, of course I do!

by Andy on February 23, 2010

I Heart HYA t-shirt

Greek t-shirt designer yanmos, who has already been mentioned on HYA three times this year, is clearly a fan of the site, seeing as how he whipped up this mockup of a tee that combines two things I love, “I Heart…” tees and myself Hide Your Arms. Seeing thing like this makes me wonder if it might be a good idea to go down the ATshirtBlog and FAILShirt.org route and have a HYA shop setup at a print on demand site, where you could buy items like this that may have interest to a few fans but wouldn’t be popular enough to warrant me getting a load printed. Thoughts?

  • http://www.doschicostees.com/ Dos Chicos Tees

    I think you should definitely set up a print on demand shop!

  • http://sogeshirts.com Tim

    I think it is a good idea. Print on demand cost nothing and you are able to provide your shirts to the people that want them at the time.

  • Efren

    I’m for the idea and must say that I really like that shirt.

  • http://ATshirtBlog.com Micah

    Yeah, why not? You know I think it’s a good idea! :)

  • bgtobe

    Hey I’m a fan and i’d support you.

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