Year Of The T-Shirt: Guy wears a different shirt every day

by Andy on February 25, 2010

year of the t-shirt

I can’t help but feel that I am in the perfect positition to be the guy that runs Year Of The T-Shirt. Basically, he’s just going to wear a different shirt every day of the year, take a photo of him wearing it, and provide minimal commentary. In some respects he’s kind of like the I Wear Your Shirt guy, except he isn’t pimping the people who make the shirts at every opportunity, in fact, I think that a vast proportion of the tees are ones that he bought himself, though like most people he probably wouldn’t complain if you sent him a tee. The site is quite sparse, but in a pleasing way, which is probably why I’d ruin a project like this, because if I see a space I just have to fill it, and every so often I have to fill it with adverts, because otherwise I’d have to be doing some job I hate.

It’s a cool site and a nice idea, so check it out.

  • Brian Shevlin

    Thanks for the love.
    Yeah, the Year of the tshirt website started out nearly as a joke when my girlfriend was upset with me and complaining “You own so many tshirts, you could probably wear a different tshirt every day of the year and never wear the same one twice.” As it turns out, she was right. Plus, I actually collect vintage clothing, so it seemed like a fun project. But, as you mentioned, I get really talented artists and designers contacting me and asking me to feature their work. So if I love it, and would have bought it, I do. I’m currently building a much larger “2.0” version of the website with a lot more, so stop back by in a few weeks and let me know what you think. Also, I am a graphic designer, so I love white space :-) – Thanks again Andy

  • kanako

    i am the photographer on his website. I am taking pictures literally every single day. sometimes as early as 6am. sometimes once in the morning and once in the end of the day… I try to take more unique photos or very different photos from those you always see on magazines or clothing web stores. I hope you like.

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