Tee Lotto: Buy a tee, win $99,999

by Andy on February 28, 2010

tee lotto

Boom, that’s a sensationalist headline!

Yes, sensationalist, but there are more than a few grains of truth to it. Tee Lotto, which I think might be an offshoot of recent daily tee upstart (and advertiser on HYA) 5quidink are going to sell up to 33,333 t-shirts for $12 including shipping, $15 for us shifty looking foreign types, take $3 of each sale and throw it under a metaphorical mattress, and after 90 days, or sooner if they sell out, they’ll give all of those $3s to someone that bought a tee.

Or in other words… it’s a raffle. You buy your t-shirt ‘ticket’ and you might win a decent amount of cash. You can’t actually buy your shirt yet, they become available tomorrow, but I thought I’d let you know ahead of time in so you can be there at the first opportunity in case all 33,333 tees sell out, which I’m sure will happen within a day or two.

I must say that I’m not too impressed with the design that is on the site at the time of writing (maybe they’ll pop something else up when the sale starts), but with a concept like this I think that it’s less about the design and more about the idea.

  • jay

    I like the simple design. I wonder what the delay is in selling them..

    Tee Lotto will be back after these messages…

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