Stack Em Up! Tee Stacking Video and Eraser Tees contest winners announced!

by Andy on March 2, 2010

HYA x Eraser Tees Competition: Tee Stacking from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

That was a pretty fun video to make, and this time around instead of it taking 52 takes, I got it on the first try. Well, obvious I was only going to do the stacking once, but I got done the intro first time.

I’m a little disappointed with the amount of tees that I managed to stack, perhaps I should have practised a bit before trying it out for the competition, but I wanted it to be ‘real’ and if I’d had lots of practise then the people on the low end would not have had much of a chance. Looking at the vid, it’s clear where I went wrong, but when you’re looking at it top down and even from the side it’s hard to know what to do to straighten things up. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll attempt to do it again, except maybe fold them in a different way so that I can make a bigger stack, because in the stacking world, bigger is better! Also, hopefully Vimeo won’t take down my video for using Justice’s “Stress”.

Okay, enough tee stacking nonsensity! If you watched the vid and thought something was wrong, you’d be right. In all the excitement I lost count, and so the nuimber that I say is correct in the video is actually 11 higher than the real number (I’ve gone through the vid a couple of times and I think I have it right now) of tees that were stacked before the stack falls, remember, the last tee placed on the stack doesn’t count because it is the one that causes the fall. I’m not going to tell you the winning number in writing, because then you wouldn’t watch the vid, and I went out in the cold wearing the experimental yellow HYA tee and awesome hat from my girlfriend to film that for you guys. I’ll be sending the winning e-mail addresses to Eraser Tees soon, and they’ll get your details for the prizes.

Thanks a lot to everyone that left a comment, and thanks to those of you that shared my optimism that I could reach 100, your belief in my abilities warms my heart! Want to sponsor a comeptition? Have a cool idea for a competition? Contact me and let’s have some fun!

*Update* Judging by the first few comments I didn’t make it clear enough; the number mentioned in the video is incorrect, I DID NOT stack 56 t-shirts. I only managed 45, terrible, I know, so I’m sorry if you were one of the people who got excited because your answer was near 56 and you thought you’d won a t-shirt. There were 3 people who guess the correct answer, 2 that guessed 46, and 1 that guessed 44. Yes, that means we have 6 people and 5 prizes, I’ll think of a way to fairly decide which of the 45s/46s win a prize.

For stat fans, the median of all the guesses was 48.5, the average was 54.13, and the mode was 45, all of which I find to be surprisingly close to the real answer, good job gang!

  • Eric

    lol i just thought about it.. you had 56 shirts to stack up in the first place..and you wanted to get to 150… how many shirts do you got?! :P

  • MrPander

    Is it true? I won? : )

  • Kevin

    Bahhh, I forgot to enter. I was going to guess 55, too!

  • skatimmy737

    Gah! I was WAY off!

  • Zechmann

    I WON!… I think?

  • MrPander

    Ah thats bad Andy : (((

  • adam

    dude great contest!!! I was surprised as well with only 45, either way great idea, nice work!


  • PCTstephen

    Can I call for a translation of what he said at the end?


    Good effort man. Look for the post this on the site.

  • Coty

    ANDY! Awesome video! I think I’ve got enough T-Shirts to actually challenge you on this ;) 150 sounds tough but I am suuuuuure I can beat your 56! LOL. Anyhow, great work man!

  • Adrian N.

    loved the video! so well made :)

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