Lowdtown in closing down, tees from $6, BUY NOW!

by Andy on March 5, 2010

lowdtown sale

Long story short, Lowdtown is closing down for a while because my man Ray (designer of the HYA logo, and therefore designer of the HYA tee) had a logo for Lowdtown that looked a lot like a design by someone else, and that other guy had copyright. Ray is a straight-shooter so I know he’s being honest when he says he didn’t know about the other design, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble for him to rip somone when he has enough talent of his own. Still, instead of fighting it, he accepted that the designs were similar and took it like a man, removing the mouthcan logo and all associated products from his site.

This all came just a few weeks after his Winter line had been released, including custom mouthcan branded wallets, and he’d already sunk a few thousand dollars into getting fitted hats made up in Hong Kong. I’m really gutted (that’s a British term for severe disappointment) that Ray has had such bad luck with this, but he’s a resilient fellow and he’s going to bounce back in the summer with a new line. In the mean time, he has stock to shift, unfortunately the contraband items aren’t available, but everything else is, and it’s ridiculously cheap, so cheap that even though I have more t-shirts than any man will ever need ever, I’m tempted to crack open my wallet and blow off the cobwebs. Basically, you should make a purchase, you’ll get a good quality item, and you’ll help to support a damn good artist. Oh, and naturally, with prices like this expect stocks to be pretty low on some items.

  • http://www.popculturetees.com/ liz

    Wow that’s crazy! Makes me sad, I’ve always been a fan of the logo and the line. Good to hear he’ll be back, though.

  • http://silencenogood.net Zechmann

    Definitely sad. Love a lot of his shirts (especially Chuck the Rock). Just bought three other shirts from him. Mad props for some unique, well designed/colored shirts. Big fan. Best of luck (or at least better luck).

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