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April 2010

The World’s Best Ever T-shirt

by Andy on April 30, 2010

the world best ever t-shirt

There’s something really enjoyable about the bluntness and ambiguity of this shirt, it is what it is, and I have no idea what that is. Also, it reminds me of hat-fan Judah Friedlander.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at The World’s Best Ever

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Destruction T-Shirt by Kontrasst

by Andy on April 30, 2010

mysoti t-shirt

The big news coming out of MySoti this week is that they have become the first ever POD company to offer lampshades, but this ain’t Hide Your Bulbs, it’s Hide Your Arms, and at least this tee covers a bit of your arms.

Costiness=£16.45 Buy it at MySoti


napoleon t-shirt

I don’t really understand this shirt, it looks good, but I can’t really work out what the concept is behind it since a portriat of a military leader doesn’t really fit with the rest of Vicious History’s designs. Also, they’ve just released the Spring Line so you might want to check that out.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Vicious History


bike t-shirt

You know what I’ve found? People that ride a bicycle on a regular basis really like other people to know about it… so they’ll probably like this particular shirt.

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at StepFour


vintage pretension by go ape shirts

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to report on a new tee from Go Ape, I was getting a little worried that Josh was losing his thirst for the industry, but I would suspect that it was more an issue to do with his studies since I think he is/was attending college. Really nice colourway on this tee, unfortunately for the ladies, the print is incorrect on the women’s sizes. The print is clearly big on a guys tee, and the print shop used the same screens for the women’s tees, meaning that they’re missing some or all of the lower text, which is a real shame, but to soften the blow the ladies versions are $10 compared to the $18 for guys.

Costiness=$18/10 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts


Get 40% off at RYZ by filling in a survey

by Andy on April 29, 2010

ryz discount code

They do cool crowdsource-designed sneakers, they do cool tees, and now they’re doing 40% discount codes when you fill in their survey, seems like a good deal to me.


hot models wearing a dead serious hoodie

Hmmmm, I just can’t work out what it is that draws me to this hoodie… it must be the typography on the speech bubble, yes, that must definitely be it. God, I am such a man sometimes.

Costiness=€35 You could buy it at Dead, Serious if it weren’t sold out (I know, I’ve been posting too many limited availablity items recently)

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I Love you more than… t-shirts?

by Andy on April 28, 2010

love t-shirt

Very cool looking design, to the point where even I don’t care that the text is printed with bright pink ink.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at I love you more than blank (only size L left)


pandycane t-shirt

I think that aqua is one of my favourite tee colours, I know it isn’t for everyone, but I like it. You guys are also well aware that I’m a fan of negative space in a design, so naturally, I rather like this design.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Pandycane (there was only 10 ever made, and only medium & extra small remain)


HYA Lego Man! (cool thing of the day)

by Andy on April 28, 2010

HYA Lego Man

Back when I first unveiled the ‘new’ HYA logo a friend of mine asked if he could have a copy of the file for a mysterious reason. That was many moons ago, but after a chance encounter a couple of days ago he was reminded that he printed out a decal and put it onto a Lego man. Obviously, this is totally awesome. If anyone else has a cool idea for something to do with the logo, please let me know and I’ll send you the EPS.

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Threadless Gift Certificates

If you were wondering why HYA has been quieter than normal over the past couple of days, wonder no more, because here’s a thing I made. Selling Threadless Gift Certificates has been something I’ve been doing over the past year or so, and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a site dedicated to it. That’s why Threadless Gift Certificates exists, to sell cheap Threadless Gift Certificates (and to rank well on search engines). At the moment I am just selling $25 Threadless Gift Certificates for $20, but if this site takes off I might start offering deals on the $50 & $100 GCs.

It’s a simple one page store with payments handled by PayPal, so you know its safe (I’m sure you trust me, but even I wouldn’t trust me processing credit card details, it sounds confusing), with a mailing list to let you know when gift certificates are in stock should they sell out as I don’t have an unlimited supply. Naturally, there is also a Twitter account, and a Facebook page, which will be another way of finding out when Gift Certificates are available.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, I haven’t really built anything like this before, but hopefully it will be a good service that will help people get Threadless tees cheaper, and I’m sure that we can all agree that cheaper tees are a good thing.

Threadless Gift Certificates


lord of the rings t-shirt

I have a bit more Threadless related news to tell you about in a few minutes, but I couldn’t let this tee go past without mention. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but that Subway (or Underground, as I should be calling it) map actually maps out parts of Middle-Earth, the setting for the Lord of the Rings series of books/movies. It’s been making waves on many a blog, so I think it’s accepted that this is one of the most “hey that’s a cool idea and it looks good too” tees Threadless have put out in a while.

You can now pay for items at Threadless with PayPal, which I think a lot of people were requesting so that’s cool. In celebration they released a couple of coupon codes, which may or may not require you to use PayPal for them to work, I’m not entirely sure. Use code YayPal5 to get $5 off $30 or YayPal10 to get $10 off $50, which is actually a pretty sweet coupon.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless (already sold out in larger sizes)

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50% off at Dance Party Massacre!

by Andy on April 23, 2010

dance party massacre sale

Use the coupon code SPRINGCLEAN to get 50% off your order at Dance Party Massacre. No word holong this coupon will last, so you might as well get on it NOW!


LadyUmbrella Bingo & Sale

From right damn now all tees at Irish tee company LadyUmbrella have got €5 off, making them €24.99 (including free shipping worldwide)… but that probably isn’t good enough for you lot, so you can knock another 15% off by going to their Facebook Fan Page, clicking on the 15% off tab, and signing up for the newsletter. The sale will be going on until May 1st, and all orders will be included in their Bonus Batch Bingo promotion. Quelle est Bonus Batch Bingo? Well, all their tees will be printed with a unique numerical hang tag, on May 1st a a number will be drawn, and whoever has that number on their tee will wins a t-shirt of their choice from the LadyUmbrella catalogue. They’re hoping to do the bingo every month, so there’s a nice little incentive to push you over the edge into making an order.

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Easy Hey by Nice/Nice

by Andy on April 23, 2010

character t-shirt by nice/nice

Cool name for a brand, it’s as if you only have two options with them, being nice, or being nice. Pretty cool design too, a simple one-colour print, of a weird character, but there is definitely something charming about it.

Costiness=€25 Buy it at Nice/Nice



Really nice new line from Beautiful/Decay, which is hardly a surprise considering they get good artist, and print good tees (this tee hasn’t faded one bit, and I wear it a lot), which is a pretty simple equation for awesomeness. Funny thing is, the pic I’ve used for this post is actually my least favourite of the bunch, despite its obvious wearability, but the e-mail from B/D (who could teach a lot of other brands a thing or two about PR and how to deal with bloggers properly) had this image in it, so I thought I’d just run with this. Lookbook here, buy tees here


goodie two sleeves coupon code

It’s pretty much all there in the inforgraphic, and my apologies to the RSS readers who will be getting a double dose of Goodie Two Sleeves in this post. Also, they’ve just dropped 32 new tees, so you might want to check that out.


Kidrobot Bulgr T-Shirt by eBoy

by Andy on April 22, 2010

kidrobot t-shirt

I’m kind of closing my eyes when it comes to the price of this tee, it’s KidRobot, and it’s eBoy, and it’s limited edition, sp naturally it’s not going to be cheap, but €50 seems to be pushing it a little. So, if you’re in the same boat as me and find it a little pricey, hopefully we also agree that it’s a damn good looking tee.

Costiness=€50 Buy it at the eBoy shop (1 left in size M, and L is the only other available size)


Free Hoodie (don’t get too excited)

by Andy on April 22, 2010

free clothing hoodie

My apologies if you saw that flash up in my Twitter stream and expected me to be handing out hoodies as if they were little bags of Haribo (only people that ordered a HYA tee recently will get that reference). If you can get over the crushing disappointment of not getting a free hoodie, you might find that this is actually a pretty cool hoodie, nice and simple, which seems to be something of a theme this week.

Costiness=$34 Buy it at Free Clothing

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lost t-shirt by wake up time to die

I think I might be pre-emptively getting withdrawal symptoms from Lost. Every time I watch an episode I can’t help but feel that this “whhaaaaaa!?” moments are only going to happen for another couple of months, and after that I will no longer be concerned with that damned island. In a way, it’s actually quite freeing.*

Costiness=£18 (free UK shipping) Buy it at Wake Up Time To Die

*I’m kidding, seriously, it’s a TV show.


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