Design By Humans tees on sale at CafePress… say whaaaaa?

by Andy on April 13, 2010

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This is some surprising news. Design By Humans are known for a quality product (though I did have to return an order to them once, they thought the tees were fine, I did not because I don’t like messy printing), CafePress… ummm, not quite as much. I think that CafePress is fine for a 1-colour, text print and that kind of thing, but get technical with a print and you’re just asking for trouble. So when I read that DBH were going to be selling tees at CP I got a bit concerned that the quality just wasn’t going to be there, because whilst it’s no bad thing that they’re exposing themselves to the millions of people that visit CP, they could really hurt their rep by dropping their usual standard. However, my concerns were misplaced, for a change a thread on Emptees provided actual information rather than lolcats and insults, as famed tee designer Jimiyo let it be known that DBH were printing the tees (though they would be printing them onto AA blanks since the CP community know and trust that brand), so hopefully this will be a nice way for DBH to get their name out there and sell more tees.

  • jimiyo

    “famed tee designer”


    I talk to Matt/Jason though my focus is on TeeFury, but definitely, DBH is doing all the printing. Cafepress does not have the ability to print like DBH. DBH’s printer is literally one of the best printers on the west coast. They print for DC, Sullen, Oakley, tons of high end customers. DBH would never sacrifice that.

  • Budi

    I wonder why DBH does not make official announcement about this? Is it one way agreement?

  • Rudy Petootie

    Probably a response to Artsprojekt’s Labz on Zazzle. I ordered the first three and was not disappointed…much higher quality than even DBH.

  • Andy

    Interesting point Rudy, I hadn’t actually considered that. I have to presume that the Artsprojekt tees aren’t printed in the same way as the usual Zazzle offerings because I can’t see their DTG competing with DBHs printing.

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