by Andy on April 27, 2010

Threadless Gift Certificates

If you were wondering why HYA has been quieter than normal over the past couple of days, wonder no more, because here’s a thing I made. Selling Threadless Gift Certificates has been something I’ve been doing over the past year or so, and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a site dedicated to it. That’s why Threadless Gift Certificates exists, to sell cheap Threadless Gift Certificates (and to rank well on search engines). At the moment I am just selling $25 Threadless Gift Certificates for $20, but if this site takes off I might start offering deals on the $50 & $100 GCs.

It’s a simple one page store with payments handled by PayPal, so you know its safe (I’m sure you trust me, but even I wouldn’t trust me processing credit card details, it sounds confusing), with a mailing list to let you know when gift certificates are in stock should they sell out as I don’t have an unlimited supply. Naturally, there is also a Twitter account, and a Facebook page, which will be another way of finding out when Gift Certificates are available.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, I haven’t really built anything like this before, but hopefully it will be a good service that will help people get Threadless tees cheaper, and I’m sure that we can all agree that cheaper tees are a good thing.

Threadless Gift Certificates

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