Balloonman T-Shirt by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on May 17, 2010

balloonman t-shirt by concrete rocket

Let’s be quite clear, Concrete Rocket is one hell of a name for a tee company, sure, it’s no “Hide Your Arms” (I genuinely don’t know where that came from, btw), but it’s pretty sweet. I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for ages, but I just kept forgetting, and with the ever-increasing size of my inbox it is very easy for people to go un-noticed, and I feel bad about it, but I feel like I should spend more of my time writing than e-mailing people I’ve never spoken to before, getting content onto the blog comes first, and dealing with business stuff should come second. Basically, new brands, wait your turn, I promise I will write about you eventually if you sell clothing that I think is cool.

Costiness=$19.50 Buy it at Concrete Rocket

  • Budi

    Thanks for the write up Andy!
    No one would make a rocket out of concrete, and no one would think a Concrete Rocket can fly
    (yes, before this we also considered “the flying office chair”, “piggy airlines” and “winged elephant” for brand name)

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