MonsterHoodies now on sale at BustedTees

by Andy on May 27, 2010

monster hoodie

I put my detective hat on for this post, that’s right, actual work, not just a random sentence about a tee and then the price. I first wrote about MonsterHoodies back in 2008, and liked their concept, hoodies with bits of tooth shaped cotton around the hood, and googly eyes on top to finish off the face. Sure, it wasn’t the most sophisticated novelty hoody in the world, but it was cute.

Today, I swung by Busted Tees to see if they had anything new on offer, because I’ve been enjoying their offerings lately, and it turns out they’re now selling Monster Hoodies. So, I visited and it went straight through to BustedTees, which is a little curious. Then, I remembered the woman modelling the hoodies in my initial post works for Connected Ventures (I know this because of their ridiculously awesome Harvey Danger Lipdub that I put at #7 on a list of cool t-shirt videos), the parent company of BustedTees (who also own Vimeo and CollegeHumor, amongst others), so it doesn’t seem so mysterious now why Monsterhoodies are solely sold by BustedTees. Gil Grissom, eat your heart out, then spend an hour stroking your chin working out who did it!

Costiness=$49.99 Buy it at BustedTees

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