T-shirtblo.gs, the ultimate list of t-shirt blogs!

by Andy on June 1, 2010

the ultimate list of t-shirt blogs

Whilst I did say on Friday that I would be enjoying the weekend (and I did!), I also spent a decent part of it working (the parts when it was raining). Here is the fruits of my labour, t-shirtblo.gs. Put simply, it’s a big list of t-shirt blogs. So what? You might ask, there are already lists of t-shirt blogs on the internet, and I’d know since my original t-shirt blog list was the basis for many of them.

It’s a fair point, why make a dedicated site about it when I could just write a blog post? Well, I like the idea of very focused sites that are made up of a handful of pages (three, in this case) that serve a purpose and do nothing else. Hide Your Arms has grown and changed immeasurably since day one, whereas t-shirtblo.gs will only ever do the same thing as it does today, list t-shirt blogs and allow you to rate them. Actually that’s a bit of a lie, in the future I intend to allow you to order the blogs according to Google PR, Alexa ranking, and Technorati ranking, but I’m splitting hairs (with myself!) over that issue. T-shirtblo.gs will be much more ‘alive’ than a blog post, bloggers can add their own blogs to the list, rather than e-mail me asking me to update a blog post (I can be pretty lazy on the updates), and I think that the rating system could be quite interesting too. Oh, and it has a totally cool URL, which is reason enough to build any website.

I’ve built this intending for it to be a good resource for the whole t-shirt community. Us bloggers will hopefully get more traffic out of it, people that buy t-shirts (which is pretty much everyone, everywhere) will be able to find new blogs which showcase different types of t-shirt, and people that sell t-shirts will be able to find bloggers to reach out to and hopefully get more exposure for their brand.

If you like the site, I would really appreciate it if you could give it a good start in life by sharing it in any way possible, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Facebook, your own blog (here are some embeddable badges for tee bloggers), anything. If you don’t like it, let me know why, because criticism is often more useful than praise.


  • http://www.teebanter.com Simeon

    Where’s compete-tee-tion? and point click apparel?

    Other than that fantastic list!

  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas

    Thank you for listing Shirthunters! It’s a great list!

  • http://smart-tees.net Tom

    Great idea and a good ressource for every T-shirt fan. I’ve found some new blogs to add to my reader.

  • http://DesignTheDifference.com/ John Gerrard

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    Designing a Difference…To make a Difference!
    DTD Team

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