Less words, just as many tees, going minimal for the weekend.

by Andy on June 12, 2010

A damned tasty burger

It’s the weekend, the World Cup has begun, I have plenty of meat for the BBQ, and my girlfriend has the weekend off work, so naturally I don’t really want to spend it blogging. However, I am actually quite enjoying this whole ‘post every two hours’ thing that I’ve had going for much of this week, and I get the feeling you guys are too even though it hasn’t encouraged much more comment (are there really 5000 of you out there reading this site?), so I’m going to keep up that same relentless posting schedule throughout the weekend, except with little to no commentary, which I assume some of you will find to be a blessing!

The reaction to ShirtStor.es and t-shirtblo.gs continues to warm my heart, on Tuesday ShirtStor.es was actually more popular than HYA, so thank you very much to everyone for your tweets, Facebook messages and blog posts. I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I will open a few more sites in a similar vein, they won’t be to do with clothes… probably, but I will let you know about them anyway.

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