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by Andy on June 16, 2010

top weight loss blogs

Following the success of and, I thought I might as well keep going with this new-site frenzy, and I’d try and break out of my usual niche of t-shirts and blogs with something I know very little about (though if yousaw me might think I should!); that subject is weight loss blogs. Thus, I bought and built, which aims to be the ultimate list of user ranked weight loss blogs on the internet. Since I sold out of small Hide Your Arms t-shirts before any other size, it would appear that hardcore HYA fans probably don’t need to lose much, if any, weight, but if you would like to check it out, rate some blogs, add some URLs if you know any cool weight loss blogs, and leave feedback that would be much appreciated. If I can create a network of sites like this that tick along nicely by themselves they will help me towards my goal of becoming a full-time blogger, and if I can mange that, it means an awful lot more t-shirts coming your way in the future.

Also, what sites would you like to see me producing in the future? I get the feeling that there might be quite a few sneakerheads in the audience, do you think that a sneaker site list would go down well?

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