, yes, I made another list site, this ones about food blogs!

by Andy on June 22, 2010

food blogs list

Continuing with my plans to own far more websites than one person possibly should, I’ve set up another list site for cool blogs, this time around I’m looking at food blogs. After launching last week, and it not doing well, I realised it was because I just don’t care about weight loss blogs, and I should care about the subjects I get involved with, not just do them because I might make some money out of it (on another note, if you don’t care, you probably won’t make money out of it). However, food, that is something I care about a lot, and something that really fascinates me, so it’s a natural fit for my growing network of list sites, because it’s something that I’d like to visit. And that’s why I made, because I like food, and I like blogs, oh, and I like food t-shirts.

There’s 20+ blogs on there at the moment, and they’re all good, blogs that I check out and read personally, but there are hundreds and hundreds of food blogs out there, so if you write one or read one, please add it and I’ll make sure the listing is activated quickly. Also, I would really appreciate any tweets, facebook posts and anything else you can do to help spread the word on this, I know that it might be getting a bit boring for you all with me releasing a new site every week, but hopefully I’m not asking too much of you guys, and as long as I’m dropping posts about tees, hoodies, and deals, you’ll put up with these non-clothing posts every so often, right?

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