Bienvenue a Bruxelles!

by Andy on June 25, 2010

atomium in Brussels

As you read this I will be in Brussels, it’s safe to presume I will have a (strong) Belgian beer in my hand, and will be getting down to the serious work of hanging out with this guy. No posts this weekend, possibly some on Monday if I can find the time, but things should be back to normal on Tuesday, when I’ll hopefully be putting up the HYA tee misprints on sale for a ridiculous price (I’m thinking $10 with shipping anywhere, the printing errors are tiny, and there’s a small and a couple of mediums, which are the two sizes I’m sold out of) and dropping more tee news than you guys can possibly handle.

Whilst I’ve got you, may I remind you that if you aren’t following me on Twitter, or liking HYA on Facebook, you probably should be. On twitter you will receive updates every time a new post goes live on the site, random chatter from me (but no Twitpics after an unfortunate situation where my iPhone made friends with some water), and quite a lof of t-shirt news and deals that don’t make it onto the site, such as flash sales that only last for a few hours, and previews of new designs from companies, basically, I follow lots of t-shirt brands so that you don’t have to. The Facebook fan page is getting close to the magic 1000 fans, and those people get to hear about site news and sales when I think they’re big enough to be mentioned, t-shirt brands are also encouraged to leave messages about their brands too. I don’t want to spam up your newsfeed though, so I don’t want to put status updates on there too often.

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