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June 2010

organic mens t-shirt by Mongrel Clothing

Something that I’ve tried telling myself at the end of the two England games in the World Cup (and presumably at the end of the one we’re playing right now) is that no matter what happens, it doesn’t really make a difference to my life, I’m not betting on them, and I don’t know anyone playing, so in that respect, and it remains the same for much of the country, we’ll be okay even if the England team having to get an earlier flight home than they expected.

However, I’m not entirely okay with a £40 t-shirt, yes it is a great design, I’d love to wear it, and it’s printed on organic cotton, but £40 is still quite a lot more than I’m prepared to pay for a t-shirt nowadays.

Costiness=£40 Buy it at Mongrel Clothing

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Plectrum tee by Stasis Clothing

by Andy on June 23, 2010

plectrum pattern t-shirt by stasis clothing in plum

Technically, we’re straying into logo tee territory seeing as every plectrum has the word ‘Stasis’ written on it, but that definitely doesn’t stop this shirt from being mighty wearable, and I really like the colourway, it’s colourful without being overbearing.

Costiness=£22 Buy it at Stasis Clothing


Post image for Too Big 2 Fail monster t-shirt by Gama-Go

It’s weird how the phrase “too big to fail” has become such common parlance in English speaking countries, may I suggest that we try an popularise the phrase “hey asshole, how about taking responsibilty for your own mistakes?” Damn fine tee though from the Gama-Go crew, they’ve got a few other new tees in store too, I think possibly a redesigned website, and they just switched their shipping system to a flat rate of $5 yesterday.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Gama-Go



It turns out I’m not the only person turning out new sites at the moment, as two new tee sites based on broadly similar concepts have cropped up in the past week. For years, literally years, I’ve wanted to create a site that was notcot but specifically focused on t-shirts but I never round to it, largely because I didn’t think I had the skills. Thankfully, or ruefully in my case, two sites have came along in the past week (with another one coming up) that appear to run along the same lines as “NotCot for t-shirts.” Heartees comes from Tom Neal, who some of you may recognise if you’ve ever used a t-shirt mockup, and comes from Brad Tennant, the guy that made Indie Threads.

Neither of the sites are perfect, at least not for what I’d want to get out of them (the designers are both probably pretty happy), Heartees offers a minimal t-shirt discovering experience, whereas is a bit more traditionally blog-like with user-voting thrown into the mix. TSR are also offering the 100th t-shirt company to submit a shirt the opportunity of a free ad spot, and thereafter will be giving an ad spot to the top tee at the end of each month.


portugal world cup inspired t-shirt by faq clothing

A lot of clothing companies have been getting excited about the World Cup (heck, even I’ve been using my HYA tee sale to negate the depression brought on by watching England), and FAQ Clothing are no different, creating a bunch of tees that base themselves around the colour palettes of several teams in the competition. What I like about this range is that if you wore one of the tees for the next couple of weeks to a match or at the pub, people would get it, but it isn’t necessarily a ‘football tee’, it is only that in context, so you could wear it anywhere anytime without it showing that you’re a big Portugal fan, and that sublety really works in these tees favour. There’s also a couple of black and white tees that you’ll see in the gallery, they aren’t to do with the World Cup, they’re just cool.

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AAITSKI! sell hoodies now

by Andy on June 22, 2010

afroboy brown hoodie by aaitski

The comment I hear most about HYA is that I don’t feature hoodies enough, and I agree with you wholeheartedly, considering this blog started life as a hoodie site it has lost it’s way a bit in that regard, so I will try to mention hoodies on a more regular basis. I quite like AAITSKI!, their style is really accessibly and wearable, but for me personally I think that the prints are often too small. I’m generally a fan of big prints so I’m a bit biased, but a cartoon style like that with big, thick lines is practically crying out for a larger print. It is still quite a nice hoodie though, I’ve got to give them that.

Costiness€42.50 Buy it at AAITSKI!

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teefury collaboration

That’s right, we mean you! We’re putting together another set of epic collaboration shirts, featuring the creations of TeeFurians across the globe! Anyone can be a part of it, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. All you need to do is draw one of our TeeFury characters and give it your own unique flair!

As far as I understand it you wouldn’t earn anything from being on the tee, but I think that the point with a tee like this (especially considering the loyal nature of TeeFury fans) is just to get lots of artists together on a shirt. The pic above shows some collaborations they’ve done in the past, and I think they’ve worked out pretty well. Details about submissions can be found on this TeeFury forum page, and the tentative deadline for submissions is June 30th.


LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

by Andy on June 22, 2010

Post image for LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

Really big news from Ireland’s favourite women’s t-shirt store, they’ve gone and opened a store (as in one that people can visit in person rather than clicking on). From what I can tell they’ve got space in something called the Loft Market at the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin, which I assume to be a bunch of cool brands sharing space as part of a larger shopping centre, which seems like a pretty cool idea to me, almost like a stepping stone for brands that aren’t quite ready yet to have their own full shop. Still, it’s a big step for a brand that hasn’t been going for that long, LadyUmbrella really do seem to be going from strength to strength. They can be found there on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I’ve never been to Ireland, but if I do, I’ll be sure to pop along.

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pass it on green t-shirt by dale edwin murray at threadless

After the $10 sale at Threadless for us grown ups, they’re going $1 cheaper with the kids sale, with some childrens tees available for the crazy-low price of $9… which makes a lot of sense considering there’s quite a lot less material involved in a tee for a small child compared to one that would cover my hefty frame.

Also, quite a lot of cool tees, a good batch this week, my favourite of which is the one above modelled by a guy I’ve decided to name Awesome McBeardyman and designed by Dale Edwin Murray (also available as a hoodie, though the small print on the hoodie is a bit of a turn-off), and the rest of the weeks releases are in the gallery.
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food blogs list

Continuing with my plans to own far more websites than one person possibly should, I’ve set up another list site for cool blogs, this time around I’m looking at food blogs. After launching last week, and it not doing well, I realised it was because I just don’t care about weight loss blogs, and I should care about the subjects I get involved with, not just do them because I might make some money out of it (on another note, if you don’t care, you probably won’t make money out of it). However, food, that is something I care about a lot, and something that really fascinates me, so it’s a natural fit for my growing network of list sites, because it’s something that I’d like to visit. And that’s why I made, because I like food, and I like blogs, oh, and I like food t-shirts.

There’s 20+ blogs on there at the moment, and they’re all good, blogs that I check out and read personally, but there are hundreds and hundreds of food blogs out there, so if you write one or read one, please add it and I’ll make sure the listing is activated quickly. Also, I would really appreciate any tweets, facebook posts and anything else you can do to help spread the word on this, I know that it might be getting a bit boring for you all with me releasing a new site every week, but hopefully I’m not asking too much of you guys, and as long as I’m dropping posts about tees, hoodies, and deals, you’ll put up with these non-clothing posts every so often, right?


Hoodies available at Prestigious Now

by Andy on June 21, 2010

prestigious grey hoody

That ‘now’ in the title suggests that this is a new product, in reality it was released about a month ago, but it is still available ‘now’, and it still looks pretty cool.

Costiness=$48 Buy it at This Is Prestigious

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sutsu world cup t-shirt competition

This week marks the end of group games in the World Cup, and a huge game that I’m sure everyone has been anticipating since day 1; North Korea taking on Didier Drogba and his Ivory Coast team. Sutsu, who I covered last week, have kindly offered one of their logo tees, and a sticker pack, to someone that can correctly predict the final score in the North Korea vs Ivory Coast World Cup group match. Just leave a comment on this post saying what you think the score will be, making sure to use a working e-mail address otherwise I won’t be able to contact you in the event that you are a winner. When leaving your comment please use the format “North Korea 1 – Ivory Coast 0″ so that I know which team you are assigning each number.

If more than one person leaves the same answer, and that turns out to be the winner, I will use to pick a winner, as I think that is the most fair way to do it.

Thanks a lot to Sutsu for offering the prize competition, please check them out because they definitely deserve a look.

*Yes, that is an astoundingly colourful graphic, but it is the rainbow nation, remember!


Hide Your Arms t-shirt sale because England really sucked last night

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to write this post, but because Rooney and co. displayed about as much passion last night as I do when it’s time to do the vacuuming, they once again failed to register a win in the World Cup, so the HYA tee remains on sale.

To tempt you into a purchase even more, I’ve dropped the price (even though I said I never would, ha!) by 50p, making it £7.50 ($11) for the tee, let’s be honest, that price is ridiculous, especially for a quality American Apparel t-shirt with a 4 colour print on it. It’d be great to ship out a few more to fans this week, and hopefully the sale will be ending on Wednesday when hopefully England live up to some of their potential and manage to beat Slovenia.


xbox competition and coupon code from goodietwosleeves

It’s kind of all there in the infographic, isn’t it? Use the coupon code GAMER to get 25% off your order at Goodie Two Sleeves from now until July 15th, and for every order made you will be entered into a draw to win one of those sexy new Xboxes (which don’t have a red light in the power button… no more red ring of death!).


Piece of Shit Clothing – NSFW Video

by Andy on June 19, 2010

As you would imagine, this video is a bit NSFW, but it’s Saturday so that shouldn’t be an issue, right guys, enjoy your weekends!

Piece of Shit Clothing – Funny Or Die [via Emptees]

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deep down inside we all love math

Here’s how W+K Studio describe this tee:

You are observing a genuine shirt introducing a maxim that, once accepted, will slowly but inescapably lead us to another maxim. This second maxim (the one not on the shirt) is that deep down inside, we all are math. If this shirt and its thesis succeed in their mission, we will all come to feel our essential mathness and accept that “free will” is just a myth perpetuated by romantic comedies.

That seems like an awful lot of work for a t-shirt to do if you ask me, but there’s no denying that this areally well put together tee that should satisfy all the type nerds out there, as well as the math majors.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at W+K Studio


roy it crowd t-shirts

Regular fans will be aware that in the past I’ve tried my darnedest to let you know what t-shirts Roy has worn in The IT Crowd, the Channel 4 geek comedy written by Graham Linehan, who was responsible for Father Ted. In fact, it’s fairly likely that some of you reading wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the IT Crowd, since HYA has become one of the best destinations to find out what tees have been worn by shirt-loving Roy on a weekly basis.

The show returns to TV screens on Friday June 25th, I’m actually going to be away next weekend in Brussels so I’ll miss it, but fortunately it is already available to watch online at Channel 4’s site, so I’ll bring you a roundup some time next week, but for now I’ll tease you with this screencap sent to me from a rather excited Dark Bunny Tees.

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ferris buellers day off t-shirt

I am areally big fan of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, they just don’t make teen movies like that anymore, nowadays if you’re making a movie aimed at 16-20 year olds there has to be lots of unnecessary boob and gross out scenes, and whilst FBDO does have that in parts, it’s a lot more charming and endearing than it’s modern counterparts. If you think about it Ferris is actually a bit of an asshole, but it was done in a way that made you like the guy, put the same character into a film today and he’d look like a total douche.

Found Item Clothing have given FBDO the experimental jetset treament, and while they were at it did the same to the Goonies.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Found Item Clothing

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the hipstery favourite t-shirt favourite person competition

Everyone’s favourite ‘order a tee without having a clue what it is you’re buying’ site The Hipstery is holding a couple of cool promos over the weekend lin honour of International T-shirt Day on Monday, June 21st. The first promo isn’t astoundingly exciting, but it is definitely good. They’ve dropped the price of gift vouchers by €5, which I would assume to mean that you still get the full value for €5 less (aka, free money), but as their ‘e-mail gift certificate’ page doesn’t list the value of a gift certificate, just the price, I’m not entirely sure, hopefully from the Hipstery can clear that up for us.

The second promo is much more interesting, it’s a competition called “Favourite T-shirt, Favourite Person.” The premise is that you dress your favourite person in your favourite t-shirt, and send the Hipstery a picture of it, best photo wins. The overall winner gets a “Mystery Hipstery puzzlement compendium box” whatever the hell that is, whilst 3 runners up get a free hipstery experience for themselves and their favourite person.


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