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July 2010

Knifey Spoony t-shirt by Powerup Apparel

by Andy on July 31, 2010

knife spoon simpsons t-shirt

I am such a sucker for a Simpson’s referencing tee, especially one that takes something that was only said on the show once (unlike a catchphrase) but is remembered by almost everyone that’s seen it.

Costiness=$25 (free US shipping) Buy it at Powerup Apparel


design by humans t-shirt design competition

You should probably know the drill by now, Design By Humans offer a $10,000 prize to whoever creates a brilliant design (or at least one that lots of people vote for), and some other people win $1,000 for some designs that are also pretty damn good, and we all get some good tees out of it. Submissions accepted until August 22nd, go, go, go!


Stars & Stripes by JWORK Limited

by Andy on July 31, 2010

stars and stripes t-shirt

I’m not the most patriotic Brit (and yes, I know this is a mightily American shirt), but red, white and blue is a pretty sweet colourway, and this tee does a lot of nice work with those colours.

Costiness=$15 Buy it from JWORK Limited


When we had floods in the Lake District last year they were major national news for days as people struggled to cope with the rising waters. Despite living close to a valley floor our house is a few metres up the side of the valley, so whilst the field in front of my house had a river running through it for the first time in anyone in our families memory, we were safe. Tim from Teecycle hasn’t been so lucky, from the looks of it his house is going to need a lot of work, and even though he’s got a lot of friend’s and family helping him out, I’m sure some cash wouldn’t go amiss either, so check out his tees and pick one up so that we can get Tim, Jess, and their baby Clara back home soon.


johnny cupcakes t-shirts Still sifting through the big backlogof e-mails that accumulated during my hoiday to Cornwall, which has resulted in this post about a bunch of Johnny Cupcakes tees that were released more than a week ago. If they actually were cupcakes they’d be well moldy by now, but thankfully they’re t-shirts, so they’re still fresh even if they aren’t covering much new ground for JC fans. Of interest in the mailout was this little paragraph:

-Future Plans include, but are not limited to; UK Pop-Up Shop, as well as some of the bigger
stops from the recent Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour. Random meet-ups. Secret collaborations.
Obscure events. Contests. Scavenger hunts. And a whole lot more.

A UK pop-up shop? Gas up the HYA jet!


eboy engadget t-shirt

When I first saw this t-shirt, a collaboration between one of my favourite design collectives and my favourite technology blog, I was happy to say the least, to the point where I was almost prepared to dust the cobwebs off my credit card (it’s a rarity for me to actually buy a t-shirt nowadays), but alas the tee was already sold out and in just a few hours too by the looks of it. Hopefully they’ll reprint it since there’s clearly demand if it sold out that quickly,though it is described as being ‘super limited edition’ so it seems unlikely.


Telemanipulation, another great tee by Lead & Light

Lead & Light tend not to put too much stuff on a t-shirt, there’s almost never that feeling that they’ve gone overboard, and their latest tee is another great example of that. I like that it’s just a one colour design, though I’m sure that some people looking at their store wish that they’d make a break from the “white print on a black tee” or “black print on a grey tee” system that they’re employing at the moment. Very cool tee, and mighty wearable too.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Lead & Light


Sale time at Concrete Hermit

by Andy on July 30, 2010

anthony burrill mouth t-shirt

Not sure how long this sale will be going on but as long as it includes half-price books and other goodies then it’s definitely worth checking out. The e-mail I’ve got telling me about it is dated July 14th (my holiday really did come at a time when the whole world decided to e-mail me) so I’d suspect that they’re on the tail end of things now, so stock levels may be disappointing. Remember, there’s also free shipping if you spend £30 (for UK folks, £70 spend for the rest of the world).

Concrete Hermit Summer Sale


50% of Summer Tees at EIO Clothing

by Andy on July 29, 2010

EIO Clothing sale

As I sit here I am wearing a t-shirt made by EIO Clothing, and I think it’s a tri-blend so it’s pretty lightweight, which in my eyes makes it a summer tee, and a mighty fine one it is too. I’ve been banging on for years about how good their tees are, but they really are good, and at half-price even the Americans in the audience might be tempted to splash the cash on one or two. No need for a coupon code, discount is already applied.


Dead Bury Dead will Never Die Easy

by Andy on July 29, 2010

dead bury dead never die easy And the award for most over the top promo picture of the year goes to… Dead Bury Dead! Actually the most over the top thing is probably the little movie they made.

I quite like this tee, but it doesn’t really fit with other items that they’ve got in their store, although the Never Die Easy collection will consist of four tees, so perhaps it will reflect DBD going in a slightly different direction, for this collection at least.

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the it crowd t-shirts

Well, just one shirt in this episode, and one that Roy has worn in the past too, so it was a pretty easy find. Good episode though, loads of one liners, I especially liked Roy complaining about “have you tried turning it off and on again?” being some kind of catchphrase for him, and Moss shouting “we’re going to die!” after finding out that the robot was running on Vista.

I think that this is one of my favourite t-shirts that’s been on The IT Crowd, it’s geeky, it’s non-sensical, and it’s genuinely funny, so I guess that in a way it’s a bit like The IT Crowd! The blue shirt with the whale on it is by Dinosaur Comics and can be bought from TopatoCo for $17.50 + shipping.

For a little bit of an extra to go with this shorter than usual post, a commenter on the last IT Crowd post shared a link to a cool page on the Channel 4 website showing the IT Crowd basement with loads of tagged items from the set, definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan.

*Welcome to everyone that’s visiting because of @Glinner tweeting about the site, be sure to take a look around, check out the older IT Crowd posts (I’ve covered just about every episode of the last few seasons) and I’m also running a competition to win $100 of clothing from JackThreads that you may want to enter. Thanks for visiting!

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philadelphia pretzel t-shirt

When I was in Philly I remember there being a lot of joy in the office the day that someone brought in a couple of boxes of fresh, delicious pretzels. When I first tried them I thought there was way too much salt on, but after brushing the majority of the salt I really enjoyed the doughy treat, so no wonder a new Philly-based brand called CHRMNG Industries wanted to celebrate them with a t-shirt.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at CHRMNG Industries


pandycane limted edition t-shirts

It’s Pandycane’s anniversary (I’m guessing 2nd because it feels like they’ve been around for more than a year, and to celebrate they’re doing something quite unusual, opening a secret shop with two super-limited designs in it that you can only gain access to if you e-mail Pandycane owner, Tom. This promo was actually launched when I was away so quite a lot of the tees are already sold (the print runs were just 10 & 20) but there are still a few left so if you’d like access to the store you need to e-mail tom [at] pandycane [dot] com and he’ll give you the magic URL.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, and seems like it might be a good way for brands to ensure that super-limited items are more likely to go to real fans of the brand that would actually cherish a limited design.


The IT Crowd t-shirts Series 4 Episode 4

As a side note before we get into the traditional meat of The IT Crowd t-shirt roundups, after listening to Pirate FM in Cornwall when I was on holiday me and my girlfriend were inspired to watch The Boat That Rocked a film inspired by the pirate radio station Radio Caroline that operated from a boat (it was in international waters and therefore not governed by British law). I was under the impression that Pirate FM was the legit ‘child’ of Radio Caroline, but I actually completely wrong. Still, it’s a good, funny film, and I thought I’d mention it because Chris O’Dowd and Katherine Parkinson (Roy & Jen in the IT Crowd) are both in the film, so you guys may want to check it out.

Anyway, on with the show (almost literally), the first tee worn by Roy was just a plain grey shirt, naturally, I’m not going to track down the brand, if you want to be just like Roy go and get a grey shirt from Primark or American Apparel.

The second shirt had already been found for me by @RustyBransteinX which did make my job rather a lot easier. The OMFG t-shirt comes from ThinkGeek and the acronym is for the little-known Ontario Mega Finance Group the investment company that lots of teenagers apparently enjoy talking about. The t-shirt is $15.99 and it can be purchased here.

Roy’s third shirt of the evening was a bit more troublesome to hunt, and not just because of Roy’s hot girlfriend being on view. It was a dark scene, but after taking about a dozen pictures and playing with the levels on them I managed to make out the writing “don’t even think about tagging me” which is actually pretty good advice for those people that think it’s fun to tag photos on Facebook of their friends in compromising positions.The tee is available from Balcony Shirts for £12.50. As I do try to be a bit of a completist with these things, I had a quick look around for the other tee in this pic, the one with the crossed guitars worn by the orphan. I haven’t been able to find the same tee, but I have found what I think is the same graphic on an apron at Spreadshirt, and with it being spreadshirt to can customise these thing to your heart’s delight, and that includes putting the design on a pink t-shirt with black print.

Fourth tee of the night was easily recognised as Roy has worn it before, “Nothing is any good if other people like it” is a Diesel Sweeties design. However, I can’t find the shirt anywhere in their store, so it seems as if they’ve stopped selling it. Still, there’s plenty of other cool shirts in their shop. Also, how good was this scene? There isn’t nearly enough mashed potato based comedy on TV.

And that’s your lot for this episode, I will post episode 5 tomorrow, and then you can expect the episode 6 recap (last episode of the season, sob) early next week.


40% off Summer Sale at Paper Root

by Andy on July 28, 2010

paper root clothing summer sale

Paper Root are preparing to unleash their latest line of tees which will no doubt be cool and I will no doubt post about next week, but to clear some space on the shelves they’re having a 40% off sale this week. Just use the coupon code SUMMER at the checkout to receive that hefty discount.


JackThreads Competition

Competition time! Usually when I run a competition I get someone to throw t-shirts at me or make you guys answer something stupid, but with a prize of $100 in credit at JackThreads I’m playing it straight and serious. All you have to do is sign up at JackThreads, the daily sale site that offers top streetwear brands at big dscounts, though this link, and you will be entered into the competition. It really is that easy, and as if that wasn’t enough, merely by signing up through this link you will receive a $5 credit on your account that you can spend on anything you want whenever you want, so even if you don’t win the $100 grand prize, you’ll feel like a winner anyway.

The competition will be kept open for two weeks from today, meaning you’ve got 14 days to enter by signing up to JackThreads.


Little Bird t-shirt by Cosmosnail for LaFraise

It’s quite unusual for laFraise to do a one-colour print, I think of them as a rather more colourful bunch, but this design certainly doesn’t suffer for it. Presumably the concept behind it is “smile for the birdie” which if I haven’t completely lost my mind is sometimes used to make people smile when they’re being photographed and a simple “cheese” won’t suffice.

Costiness=€23 Buy it at LaFraise

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Planet Express Logo t-shirt by Busted Tees

I’m a really big Futurama fan, I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind canceling it in the first place (look at the huge DVD sales and syndication across the globe, how couldn’t this show be making money) and was really happy to see the ‘movies’ and even happier to hear about the new episodes that are being shown in the US (right?) that haven’t made it to the UK but I’m sure I’ll find a way to see them. Planet Express has a pretty cool logo and this is one of those tees that I, as ‘that t-shirt guy’, would get a lot more respect for wearing from my friends than anything that Threadless or Design By Humans could ever print, but I guess that’s kind of the point of BustedTees.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at BustedTees

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Rockin' the Tree World t-shirt by Origin68

Since I’ve been on my ‘summer holiday’ to me it feels as if the summer is already over, which probably has more than a little bit to do with the lack of sunshine since I got back from Cornwall. However, I’m sure it still feels like summer to a lot of you guys, and this is most definitely a summer festival shirt from the Origin68 crew, though I’m sure you could get away with wearing it when you aren’t in a muddy field drinking over-priced lager and trying to avoid sunstroke.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Origin68


BMX bike t-shirt by Electric Sun

I must admit to a certain amount of ignorance to this design, I know it’s about BMXs since that’s what the e-mail I received said, but beyond that I don’t know much because my knowledge of BMX bikes extended to wanting one when I was younger but not getting one because I live in a valley, and there would be nowhere to have fun on a bike like that around here. Still, I’m sure that this tee will make some children of the 80s mighty happy indeed.

Costiness=£17.99 + P&P Buy it at Electric Sun


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