Science t-shirt by Adrenaline Clothing

by Andy on July 6, 2010

science t-shirt by adrenaline clothing

This tee costs $8, seriously, how can they produce and sell that and make any profit? I guess it doesn’t really matter to the end consumer, because you’re getting a cool looking tee for a low, low price, so go nuts!

Costiness=$8 Buy it at Adrenaline Clothing

  • skatimmy737

    Step 1: Make lots and lots of a one-color shirt.
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: Profit.

  • samuel

    $11.00 SHIPPING

  • Andy

    Ahhh, well there’s your profit then, I guess a tee shipped to you for $19 isn’t bad at all, but it does seem a bit disingenous to have shipping prices above your price for a tee when it just doesn’t cost that much to post 1 tee (as I’m sure they’re an American company and I know you’re in the US, Samuel).

  • adrenaline clothing

    It’s not true
    that shirt on sale for $6 now
    plus shipping
    my shipping cost is fair
    I ship to anywhere in USA $4.85 + $1 handling fee so total shipping within US is $5.85
    and I ship to everywhere in the world for $10 + $1 handling fee

    expensive or not in depend where you live in the world
    if you are in USA you can get this shirt for $6 + $4.85(shipping)+ $1 handling fee so total is around $11.85
    and you will get discount for shipping if you buy more than 1

    I make profit from sell my t-shirt
    I didnot make profit from shipping charge

    thank you for your review

    I get many sale from customer from your website
    I will looking for put ADS in your HYA website


  • adrenaline clothing

    what is your e-mail address?

  • Andy

    My apologies, I was under the impression that $11 was for domestic shipping, $11 isn’t so bad for international, Threadless charge $10 for 1 tee after all and they’re a much larger operation.

    You can find a contact form and my e-mail address on the contact page (there’s a link just under the logo in the header of this page).

  • samuel

    I guess domestic shipping is ~5. I’m not sure why it told me 11 before :\

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