The IT Crowd T-shirts: Season 4 Episode 2 “The Final Countdown”

by Andy on July 9, 2010

it crowd t-shirts

A very fine episode of The IT Crowd this week I felt, apologies that it’s taken me a week to post aobut it, but good things come to those who wait… mostly, because I haven’t been entirely successful in finding the tees featured in the episode, but hopefully people reading this and fniding it via search engines will be able to help out. The pics for this post are a bit weak because I was just taking shots of my TV screen, but you can all still tell what’s what so I’m sure it won’t matter too much.

The first tee of this episode has actually been on the show in the past (season 2, episode 5), I didn’t know where to buy it then and I still don’t now unfortunately. Help a guy out in the comments?

Second tee of the week was fairly easy, as it was featured last week during the season opener. I thought I’d give Roy back some of his dignity and not post a pic of him wearing the shirt whilst sat on the toilet (as if being a window cleaner wasn’t enough!). Buy the Ring t-shirt for £19 at Dark Bunny Tees.

Third tee of the week was an easy one for me, not because I knew where it came from, but because someone on Twitter found it for me, brilliant. It’s a pretty funny tee, I’d never seen any ROFL=Rolf jokes on the internet before, but I bet we’ll be seeing them around in the future off the back of this. Buy the ROFL t-shirt from RedBubble for £14.81.

I struck out with this Metallica parody t-shirt with the Statue of Liberty on it. Any ideas? I think that the text says ‘infectedur’ or something like that, Google is turning up nothing.

Fifth tee in this episode was quickly recognisable, since it was created by one of the people that has been on HYA since the early days, Enclothe. The shirt is called ‘451’ and is of course a reference to the book Farenheit 451, or possibly just a reference to the point at which paper burns. Either way, something is being set on fire. Buy the firefighter t-shirt from Enclothe for $20.

The last t-shirt this week was one I hadn’t seen before, but was fairly willing to bet was a ThinkGeek design, and whaddya know? I was right. You can buy the “I don’t work here” t-shirt that Roy wore from ThinkGeek for $15.99.


    I thought “Statue of Liberty… Infected?” and then realized that it’s not Infectedur, it’s ‘infected uk’. Quick google and it turned up.

  • Andy

    Oh yeah! Very nicely done, thanks a lot!

  • Clint

    I love this show and the wicked awesome t-shirts Roy sports. Being over in the states, we can’t actually watch the episodes when they first air and have to wait for one of the stations here to pick them up.

    I’ve seen bits of Season 4 and they look brilliant! But for now I will be enjoy re-runs of 1-3 :-(

  • Sploderz

    Did anyone get the tag line on the tee shirt on the episode shown last night? It had OMFG (yes, I know what that usually stands for…) but had something written below…..?

    Driving me nuts!!

  • mariom
  • fejj

    Sploderz your answer…

    I see a lot of Think Geek stuff in their props for the show.

  • Cyanidetransistor

    Actually, the Metalica parody says Infector. It is referencing the Vancouver based geek metal band Nylithia’s Infector ep.
    I can’t seem to find the artwork or shirt out there.
    Here is a Mario Bros. cover they did.

  • Cyanidetransistor

    After looking more closely at the screen cap, I am wrong.

  • Brittany

    It says “Ontario mega finance group”

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