Insect Apparel, a t-shirt from a diseased mind

by Andy on July 9, 2010

louis wain cat t-shirt by insect apparel

For clarity’s sake, I’m not a doctor or a psychologist (shocked?), so I don’t know if it actually is a disease, so please don’t hate me if I made a mistake with the descripion. I’ll let Michael, the brand’s owner explain the interesting back story behind this brand and this t-shirt.

I just started a shirt company based around a single design I wanted to print and share with the world. I couldn’t find it available anywhere so I decided to make my own. I hope you’ll consider reviewing me for the blog! The design is based around a 18th century Louis Wain piece. Wain was a schizophrenic painter was known for his pictures of cats. Early in his career they were mundane and plain, but as his disease worsened they became intricate and patterned like the one you see on the shirt. I really find his work beautiful, so I hope the site is successful and people are interested in the shirt!

I like that as a concept, I often get pitches along the lines of “I just couldn’t find what I wanted to wear on the high street” and then show me their generic and boring designs, whereas this person apparently really was looking for a specific tee and because they couldn’t find it took matters into their own hands.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Insect Apparel (sizes S/M/L available)

  • skatimmy737

    Black spandex and knee-high boots: it’s a good thing!

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