The IT Crowd T-shirts: Season 4 Episode 3 “Something Happened”

by Andy on July 12, 2010

IT Crowd t-shirts

Indeed, last night something did happen, Graham Linehan (aka @Glinner) tweeted about my IT Crowd t-shirt posts, which was then retweeted by rather a lot of people, causing what I think is the largest amount of traffic I’ve received on a Sunday, giving the site a bit of a meltdown (until I got home and cranked up the resources), and presumably putting a bit of pressure on me to continue my IT Crowd shirt posts now that a lot more fans are aware of them. Fear not new readers, I shall continue, and this week I’ve got links to all three of Roy’s tees so that you can get your hands on them.

Roy’s first tee of the week was immediately obvious to me as I had written about it back in May. Even though the most visible text says “let’s say you’ve gone back in time” the shirt is actually called “Time Traveler Essentials” because it explains what you need to do if you were to travel back in time. It’s a very clever and funny shirt, and it’s yours for $18 at TopatoCo.

Shirt number two in the episode is a bit of a tee design classic, having been featured on the show before and on many a blog. Some people have point out that it doesn’t really work as a Venn diagram, but I’m able to look past that and just enjoy a cool shirt. Elitism can be bought for $16.99 at Diesel Sweeties.

Last shirt of the week (excluding Jen’s shirt for the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim, who I presumed were fictional since I don’t keep up with what’s cool in the music world, but are in fact real, though apparently don’t have a keyboard player) picks up on the keyboard cat meme, but makes it almost acceptable in my cynical eyes by giving it an 8-bit makeover, since we all know that making something 8-bit makes it cool. The tee is £16.21 and can be purchased at MySoti.

I won’t be able to cover episodes 4 & 5 of this season in a timely fashion because I’m going to Cornwall on holiday, and writing about t-shirts will be the furthest thing from my mind. I will cover the shirts worn in the episodes when I get back, you’ll just have to be patient about it.

  • Lee Probert

    Hey, any advice on where I can buy shirts and have them dispatched from the UK … I love Threadless and RedBubble but they dispatch from the US and you can get stung with the customs charges.

  • Andy

    Unforutnately not, Threadless did consdier having a UK/EU dispatch warehouse a few years ago but decided not to pursue it.

    I’ve never seen a distributor of TopatoCo shirts in the UK, and whilst MySoti is run by a guy in the UK the shirts are printed in the US. I feel your pain when it comes to the customs charges, the most frustrating part of them is the £ handling charge from the Royal Mail that usually makes up the bulk of the charge.

  • Steve


    Cheers for featuring this Andy :)

    And I’m happy to say that we ship from the UK now so no need to worry about customs anymore :D

    Now all I need is a pic of @glinner in his Keyboard Cat Bros shirt we sent him and I can die happy!

  • Lee Probert

    Hey Steve. You just got yourself a cushtummer!

  • Andy

    Good point Steve, I remember the e-mail saying that now that you’ve reminded me, thanks!

  • Scott

    “Some people have point out that it doesn’t really work as a Venn diagram…” *

    * These people don’t get the joke.

  • skatimmy737

    Piano cat returns! Brilliant!

  • Tina

    Please keep doing these entries because there are lots of people who are interested!!

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