HoodieBuddie: The hoodie with earphones in it that’s machine washable

by Andy on July 16, 2010

hoodie buddie machine washable hoodie with earphones

One of my issues with wearable technology is the problem that they can be a bit of a faff to wash. A hoodie with built in earphones sounds pretty cool, but it loses some cool points if you have to spend ages removing the earphones when laundry day rolls around, so I was quite excited when I saw that it was machine washable. You’d expect something like this to be mighty expensive (especially since I found out about it via a PR company), but they’re actually very much afforable at $44 for a guys hoodie. I guess the proof would be in the pudding as they say because I have no idea what quality you get through the earphones, if they were a weak link then I can’t see many people having an interest in this hoodie.

Hoodie Buddie

  • mariah

    i lovee thiss sweater

  • mariah

    i have it in black want it in blue

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1336482069 Natalie Keong Jia Qi

    May i know where can i get it , im in Singapore .

  • Woola_woolis

    were do i can found them ????

  • Peacee2youu

    I Want One !!! For Chrismas !!! I want it !! i Want it !!!!

  • Anonymous

    if you dry it does it work or no

  • Tahlia wesco

    shutup you idiot.that jacket is awesome.your brother probaly was not taking care of them.

  • T&J

    i agree with you blondy

  • T&J

    dont worry kelly.they are machine washable.

  • gabe

    this is so awsome

  • Jennynelson

    where did u get them and where canu for cheaper only twelve and saving money for 1

  • Jamieroo12

    I have a grey one and I’m worried that if I wash it, the earphones won’t work anymore. And if after 2 washes, what if it breaks? :(

  • Guest

    My hoodie buddie didn’t work after I washed it for the first time so I can’t have my iPod in my pocket to use it wat do I do

  • matt

    my right one stoped working when i went to plug it in please help me??? :(

  • Izrahias Dominguez

    i wanna get those but i never have time to go buy them, and yeah they r washable my freind washed it twice, u just have to take off the cap of the head fone and then u can wash it

  • Izrahias Dominguez

    ik right i hear music all the time now, even at school haha :)

  • Izrahias Dominguez

    yeah take it off b4 washing it u mess it up if u wash with the plastic thingy

  • Katiegiron

    me too gurly i got it yesterday

  • Donnie

    I got out of the shower and put in my head phones and it broke one of my headphones as soon as it got wet. None of my other headphones have broken after doing this. So makes me wonder how its machine washible.

  • Gkush

    It should say on one of the pockets in the jacket or something .. mine does . says LINE DRY.. meaning DO NOT PUT IN DRYING MACHINE! the heat must mess up the headphones or something

  • Bella

    i want that

  • Kainester123

    R they dryable

  • sally

    The store Tuesday Morning had them on sale last month for $14. They only lasted a day, but I’m sure if you look online you should find them cheaper now. These hoodies have been out for over a year now.

  • Kdw812@hotmail.com

    first time washing it hope it does not do anything bad but there bery good love them

  • Kdw812@hotmail.com


  • guest

    i love cookie

  • Skateboardkid01

    when they first came out, they probably weren’t machine washable, but now they are

  • Anonymous

    im just never gonna wash it :D sounds gross but i dont wanna risk it

  • Nunahavea

    i tried mines but it did not work so wait to go you nutjob

  • Brendalscott70

    JCPenneys have them for $14.99, 70% off retail. Just bought my son one. Although I’m worried about washing it. Says you can, on cold wash, but I think I might dry clean it. I’m not sure. Read that you can wash it, but hang to dry…

  • Coolman

    How do you wash it if it’s the one with the built in speakers

  • Spammy:3


  • Naz2698

    I got mine for $8! :)

  • Naz2698

    I tried it my teachers. Are idiots!!! Lol they never catch me!

  • Naz2698

    I got mine for $8 at sears

  • Acceber82986

    Okay I have one of these hoodies and I love it I suggest hand washing it if ur afraid the washing machine will mess it up an of course always hang to dry maybe even in front of a fan

  • Chanmason06

    from where i need one

  • Adkinsanna35

    Um I washed mine and my earbuds arent working anymore

  • sammy

    great for at the poker table!!!

  • Breeze

    I just got my HoodieBuddie today at JCPenny for $25, I put it on instantly even though it was freakin’ hot outside haha.
    when I came home I looked up online to see if anyone had any troubles with washing them, and I’m glad I did. After reading several comments, here’s what I’ve gathered..
    before washing, you take the plastic part off of the ear buds and you wash the hoodie in COLD water and then you HANG IT UP to dry, DO NOT put it in the dryer, the heat is what kills the earbuds, that’s also why you wash it in cold water.
    great hoodie, very comfy and I love the earbuds. <3

  • Da bomb

    They are at JCpenny 25$ I hope everyone enjoys them :) If your gonna buy then i think you should bring the mp3 player or ipod with you so you can test the earphone by the way the earbuds are in a pack so turn it on full blast ;)

  • Pony

    The only thing that would make this hoody even better is if they had replacement headphones. You know, when the headphones break, just put in a new pair.

  • google

    i got mine for $3 at jcp

  • Alyssa

    I got mine at GoodWill for only $5! Only one of the headphones work but it still sounds great!

  • Chris

    I washed my hoodie Buddie and later then the right earphone didnt wanted to work. Can I fix it or something?

  • Kris Rowlands

    Wer do I buy this and how much

  • Maeneisha

    i washed my hoodie and the earphone won’t work no more and i was spending an hour on tying to fix it but it won’t work..these are supposed to be washable yea right

  • Amanda Smith

    I had mine washed it twice and one ear phone stoped working very disappointed.

  • zeezee

    looks pretty sa-weet! cool dealio!

  • zeezee

    would def come in handy! be all handy dandy! for sure! absolutely! x

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