Vintage Vantage is closing down, oh no, huge sale, oh yes

by Andy on July 26, 2010

vintage vantage t-shirts

I genuinely dislike posting about when clothing companies cease to exist, it would just be so much nicer if every t-shirt company (that I like) existed forever in one form or another, but unfortunately most t-shirt companies aren’t too big to fail, and their passing only has an effect on those of us that liked wearing their tees. I did like wearing Vintage Vantage’s tees, because they were damn soft, but I can only assume that not enough people were aware of the quality product they were putting out, because if you bought one of their shirts you’d be likely to buy another.

Still, they’ve got stock to shift and you guys may want to take it off their hands, especially with most of their shirts on half price or less.

  • heather

    Andy, thank you so much for all your support over the years – we really appreciate it. keep up the good work!

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