J3Concepts takes over LTD Tee for the month

by Andy on August 4, 2010

j3concepts t-shirt for ltd tee

Now this, this I like, one of my favourite artists dropping a new design every week at an up-and-coming tee company that is currently getting a lot of love around the blogosphere. J3concepts is going to be the featured artist all month long at LTD Tee, with a new limited edition shirt/print/package being available each week. from what I can tell all the shirts are going to be revolving around the concepts of ‘power’ and ‘corruption’ and how if those concepts were a venn diagram there would be an unfortunately lage overlap between the two. Luckily, HYA has a litte bit of power (let’s not think about the corruption), so if you use the coupon code hideyourarms you can get 15% off the regular price of $26.99 up until August 8th, and they stop selling the tee then anyway (though it’s entirely likely there will be a new code for us next week).

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