The US IT Crowd Pilot T-Shirt Roundup

by Andy on August 5, 2010

rtfm US IT crowd t-shirt

I thought that to completely cover The IT Crowd I might as well endure what I had been told was a trainwreck of a pilot episode for the proposed US version of The IT Crowd. It was never picked up by NBC after the pilot (which was shot 2-3 years ago I think) which is hardly surprising if you watch it, because it is exactly like the UK pilot, and if The Office has taught us anything, it’s that if you want to port a TV show from one country to another, you have to make it your own.

To be fair, it wasn’t absolutely terrible, I have seen worse shows but most aspects of it didn’t feel quite right. For example, and I don’t know how to write this without being offensive, the cast in the American version were too good looking, they weren’t totally stunning but they were a bit too polished, whereas in the UK version the main cast are all attractive, but they aren’t really ‘hot’. That just didn’t feel right. Still, the US version did stick to the idea of giving Roy (Joel McHale in this case, who is a pretty funny fella) a geeky tee, and presumably would have given him other geeky tees if the show had been picked up for a season. I’ve hunted around and can’t find this particular variant of the RTFM t-shirt meme that is presumably very popular with actual IT department folks, so unfortunately this post feels as incomplete as the US version of The IT Crowd.

It should be noted that about an hour after I watched the show on Monday it was announced that there was going to be another attempt at creating a US version of The IT Crowd, which is quite the bit of serendipity, so maybe that’ll give me two shows that I’ll be tee hunting for (as the UK version has been commissioned for a 5th series, huzzah!).

  • Brad

    I honestly had no idea they tried to port The IT Crowd stateside. I’ve always enjoyed watching the program (I stream it through Netflix) and I know I’d still find it hilarious even if I didn’t work in IT myself.

    My concern whenever good British programs are ported here is that they’ll be bastardized, like the producers feel they have to make the show a caricature of its former self for us to like it. That’s been my concern with Top Gear for years. I love it, but I have a feeling I’d dislike a US version.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t have an RTFM tee, though Roy makes me reconsider.

  • GothamKnight

    I dont think I like the idea of The IT Crowd being remade in the US. It’s ours, leave it alone :(

    BTW is that Richard Ayoade as Moss again? Doesn’t really make sense having the same actor in the same role if you’re going to remake it, might as well just show the originals.

  • Persephone

    I didn’t think I would like the US version of the office but now like it. It is a different version with its own funny moments. I am not sure I would like an American version of The IT Crowd, although I am sure they will try. There are plenty of talented grrk types to play the Moss role, though there can only be one Moss.

  • Persephone

    meant to type geek
    BTW The IT Crowd can be seen on IFC weekly
    and very good news about season 5.

  • Persephone

    ok I have now watched the US pilot and it is terrible. I hate when they do the line for line thing. The girl who played Jen wasn’t bad. Joel Mc Hale was no Roy. He is better on Community. And for me, there is no substitute for the read Denham. I can’t imagine who they would get to play Richmond..the mind reels.

  • Andy

    Funny, I thought the girl playing Jen was one of the worst aspects, one of the things about Jen is that she has little confidence in herself, right? It’s hard to convey that when ‘US Jen’ looked as if she was cheerleader captain at High School. McHale is no Roy, it’s true, I like him on Community, he’s too typecast as being quick-witted and smooth to play a Roy-esque character.

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