Loiter Ink temporarily off-line… but not really

by Andy on August 6, 2010

loiter ink

Here’s a curious story, I got an e-mail from Loiter Ink a couple of days ago (as I assume all their affiliates did) saying:

Loiter Apparel and Accessories is temporarily going off-line to address some production issues. We hope to be back up and running soon. We thank you for helping make our site a favorite, and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

That’s fair enough, it happens to companies all the time, rather than go on sucking they just try and make a clean break and start fresh. When I got home yesterday from a little business trip I was on (which, as you’ll know if you follow the HYA twitter feed involved some quite fantastic ribs) I thought I’d check out their homepage to see if there was any extra information. What I found was exactly the same site, as if they were still open for business, then I noticed a section called ‘blogs‘, which of course aren’t blogs at all but more of a forum (just like Threadless blogs). The blogs section was a little help, it has no news about them shutting down, but plenty of spam posts and a few from disgruntled customers complaining of poor customer service and missing t-shirts. That probably explains the ‘production issues’ alluded to in the e-mail I received. Taking the limited amount of information I have, the situation seems like a bit of a mess, are they offline or are they not? If they’re closed down they’re doing a fairly poor job of making it look that way. I know that there has been quite a few Loiter Ink orders made by HYA readers in the past, and I’m curious as to what kind of service you received, so please let me know in the comments.

Just so we’re clear, this post isn’t supposed to be a ‘Loiter Ink sucks/is a ripoff’ type post, but something seems to be going on there and I wouldn’t want you guys buying shirts if no one was receiving them.

  • http://blog.ruderetro.com Rude Retro

    I wonder if it is just the affiliate program that is offline.

  • FrankB

    I’m one of the T-Shirt artist there, well I submitted a few designs and they got printed. This “problem” has been going on for at least a year now. My biggest concern was that I was still receiving royalties for shirts that “sold” but I wondered if they were ever received by the customer. I have no idea what happened to Mike way back when that causes Tom Burns to quit and the whole company to go to pot so to speak. I wish i did, maybe it would help me understand what’s going on now. As a provider of content to them I have heard 0 as far as them shutting down anything and it just goes to show that the communication is gone. I also heard they went from hand printed shirts on American Apparel to some computer generated crap on some other brand of shirt. I wish they would just shut down, kill the site, and start fresh. The idea of the site and the way it pays it’s artist was the best in the industry I believe and the community aspect of it in it’s hay day was awesome.

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