“Lion For A Day” cool t-shirt by Random Objects

by Andy on August 10, 2010

lion for a day t-shirt by random objects

I read the quote on this shirt and I was all like “yeah, fuck yeah!” and then about two seconds later I realised that being a metaphorical lion is sooo much harder than being a metaphorical sheep. Sure, I try not to let the crowd influence me too much, but sometimes lots of people are doing the same thing because it’s a good thing to do, no need to be a lion about it and rip their throats out for enjoying grass.

…. I don’t get the quote.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Random Objects

  • http://www.epitomeclothing.com Tim

    Funny, I just posted this one a couple of hours ago.

    For me the quote means, be yourself. Do what you feel is right and dont give in to the “masses”… but for me it’s not even the masses, it’s more about being true to ones self even if your going to get a bunch of shit, ridiculed, outcast or whatever for it. I cant speak for anyone but myself but with all the TMZ, MTV, magazines, celebrities and even your local gear shop, it seems like everyone is judging… and you know what? Pretty much everyone is. And thats the point, everyone is judging anyway, so why be a sheep in your clique, group, counter culture, as a person whatever. I think many people struggle with this (I do at times) and I think it’s unfortunate. Just be yourself, confident in your beliefs and willing to stand up for them. ;)

  • http://www.randomobjects.net Anthony from Random Objects

    ^^ What Tim said is right on the money. To be part of the flock is considered to be “cool” or “trendy”. Mass media [in all it’s forms] continues to brainwash society. But what ever happened to individuality; Why isn’t that being encouraged?

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Explanations much appreciated guys, but I did understand it (honest!), blog posts sometimes need a tone of voice indicator on them.

  • Johnny

    I agree with Andy… The shirt seems cool at first, but I don’t get it and I agree with what he says. I like to stand out and it usually just so happens that my tastes happen to stand out and not because I try. I like other things that lots of people like though… I didn’t watch Lost at first because everyone was babbling about it and then I ended up really liking it =) Maybe the shirt is meant to be confusing though? Gets people thinking

  • http://www.randomobjects.net Anthony from Random Objects

    ^^ Exactly!

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