Chop Shop makes a tee with 37 monkeys on it…

by Andy on August 11, 2010

weVolve monkey t-shirts by Chop Shop

… perhaps their next collage shirt will be 50 people flogging dead horses?

I like this series of shirts, they’re fun, but when they’re down to ‘celebrity monkeys’ it feels a bit like they’re grasping for themes. To be fair to Chop Shop, at least they’re doing it with a touch of class and thought to it, making the monkey shape with the silhouette.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at Chop Shop

  • David

    I think they’ve addressed this before – if I remember correctly they said they’re not looking to just do these types of shirts but they’re too popular to ignore. I can relate for sure.

  • Andy

    Indeed, and it is seriously hypocritical of me to complain since their affiliate programme has been very good to me.

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