Photo-tours: Exposed Clothing in Cinncinnati, Ohio!

by Andy on August 13, 2010

exposed clothing cinncinnati ohio

A few days ago on my Twitter I put out a call for t-shirt brands and stores to get in touch if they wanted to put a photo tour of their shop/office/aquarium on Hide Your Arms and Exposed Clothing were one of the first to respond (though, as store owner Chuck usually gets up at 5am it’s hardly surprising that he was quick to respond!). I think this could be a really interesting series that will let us get behind the scenes at companies of various sizes across the t-shirt spectrum.

Exposed Clothing are a brand that I haven’t really taken a close look at in the past if I’m honest, though I feel I know the owner fairly well through tweets and discussions we’ve had in the past, Chuck is a good guy and seemingly always ready to help out with the stupid web-based problems that I have or lending some advice from his time in the tee world. It would appear that this kind of approach has also made it’s way into his bricks & mortar store, as he sells a variety of small labels that he likes on consignment. If I were to ever open a HYA store (and boy do I wish I could) I’d do the same thing, if you ever visited my store it would be like walking around a real version of this blog, just loads of tees I like. Sure, I’d probably be my biggest customer, but I’d have a damn good time. It’s clearly not the biggest or fanciest store in the world, but it has everything it needs, and the store has been getting some attention from local rock radio stations so hopefully that will help bring them the support that keeps them going for a long time. Exposed also offer a screen printing which I would presume isn’t operated out of the same location otherwise we would’ve got some photos of that too.

If you’d liketo visit Exposed Clothing here is their address:
8325 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45239

If anyone else would like to send in photo tours (possibly with some commentary and background if you would like) then you know how to contact me.

  • skatimmy737

    Here’s a riddle: what’s round on the end and high in the middle?

  • Deadstar Apparel

    Great write up, and most of all GREAT photos! Working with Exposed has been a giant step in the right direction for us!

  • Designer Clothes Online

    Nice post! i like it , so interesting…Thank you for sharing it.

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