250 Beautiful Typography T-shirts

by Andy on August 18, 2010

typography t-shirts

Typography t-shirts are probably my favourite category of t-shirt design styles, you know why? They get a reaction, they make you think, and they can be some of the most beautiful tees you’ll ever see. I have literally hundreds of t-shirts in my wardrobe, but if I’m in the mood to wear something that people will comment on it has to be a text tee, I’ve literally been stopped in the street to ask where I got some shirts, and that only happens with text tees because when people see text on a tee their eyes are drawn to it. Hmmm, did that last sentence make it seem like I’m desperate for attention? Validate me! Love me, love me, buy my t-shirt (that I persauded myself I shouldn’t include in the list despite it’s custom typework)!

It’s actually quite surprising that with my love of this style of t-shirt that I waited so long to post a ridiculously long list of typography t-shirts. I have no reason, but clearly in my mind people would rather see robot and Star Wars t-shirts (and even a list of t-shirt lists) before typography tees. I have bent the definition of a ‘typography t-shirt’ a bit here, I feel that in their pure form a typography shirt should be composed of great typework, and be about typography, but because that is a bit of a limiting category, I’ve decided to include t-shirts that display good and interesting uses of type.

It should be noted that I would not describe myself as an expert when it comes to typography, far from it, and that isn’t me being modest, I genuinely don’t know the principles of ‘good’ typography, or even if typography should be described as ‘good’. However, I do know a good looking and interesting t-shirt when I see it so hardcore typographers will hopefully not be too disappointed by the selection I’ll be listing today. Similarly, these shirts aren’t ranked in any order, the numbers are just there for reference, in fact I think this is one of the strongest lists I’ve put together, there’s real quality all the way through it, so it’s well worth clicking through to the next page (you thought I was going to put 250 t-shirts on one page?).

Okay, enough waffle, let’s look at a huge amount of t-shirts!

1. I thought I might as well kick off the list by pissing a few people off with this BustedTees shirt, hopefully it will only get better from here! $20 Buy it at BustedTees

2. “Higher Than The Sun” £18 Buy it at Origin68

3. Ampersandwich $22 Buy it at Simple Bits

4. “You make me sick” $18 Buy it at Randr

5. “I thought we talked about this” $9.99 Buy it from The Blonde Collective

6. “Super Ampersand” $15 Buy it at Lorem & Ipsum

7. “What a tangled web we weave” $21 Buy it at Random Objects

8. Museum by Ryan Waller. $28 Buy it at Part of It

9. “Huge Type Looks Sweet” $20 Sold out at Turn Nocturnal

10. “Little a.” by RikkiB £19 Buy it at MySoti

11. “Hello” $22 Buy it at Buddy Carr Skateboards

12. “A piece of text that looks good but does not say anything” €29 Buy it at Typotheque

13. “Well Kerned” $17.99 Buy it at Typography Shop (expect to see more of them in this list)

14. “Easier Said Than Done” $24 Buy it at Ugmonk

15. “You are the CSS to my HTML” $25 Buy it at Pop + Shorty

16. “Avant Ghandi” €35 Buy it from Emil Kozak

17. “A-OK” $18 Sold out at Milk & Eggs Co.

18. “Are You Avant Garde Derriere” $32 Buy it at Altru Apparel

19. “Every body loves my hair” by Pitch £22.38 Buy it at MySoti

20. “Lorem Ipsum” £25 Buy it at Boom!

21. “You’re not my type” (I’m fairly sure this is a romantic reference by Headline Shirts rather than typography, but I think it works in context) $19 Buy it at Headline Shirts

22. “To hell with Helvetica” £18 Buy it at DeathGob

23. “Everything is OK” (the letters are made up of things that many people would deem ‘not OK’) €29.90 Buy it at Peachbeach (20% goes to UNICEF)

24. “Hel-fucking-vetica” $25 Buy it at Wire & Twine

25. “Sans-Serif” $20 Almost sold out at Turn Nocturnal

26. “1973-1979″ £19 Buy it at Phich

27. “A (reversible)” $10 Buy it at Storenvy

28. “Handmade by human beings” $22 Buy it at Presitigous

29. “Cursed by all ambitious thoughts” $22 Buy it at Print Brigade

30. Skull made of the seven sins $20 Buy it from Joby Cummings

31. “There’s More to Life” $24 Buy it at Ugmonk

32. “Sex, Drugs, and Helvetica Bold” £20 Buy it at Collapse Design

33. Ampersand $20 Buy it at House Industries

34. “Nothing to fear but fear itself” $19 Buy it at itself

35. “Bold, Bolder, Boldest” $10 Buy it from Sabletoothtiger

36. “You could make a wish or you could make it happen” $16 Buy it at Oath Threadline

37. “Always Schemin’ Never dreamin'” Sold Out at Rapscallion

38. “Hi” $21 Buy it from DesignByHumans

39. “The Code” by Inku £19.59 Buy it at MySoti

40. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” €24 Buy it at Dadada Studo

41. “Write and print and draw and type” by that great chap Percy Bright €21 Buy it at Allmightys

42. Typejockeys €20 Buy it at Typejockeys [via ATB]

43. “Detroit” $9.99 Buy it from the Blonde Collective

44. “Sneaker Forever” €24 Almost sold out at Sehubabe

45. “Letterspaced” $18.99 Buy it at Typography Shop

46. “Alphabet” $20 Buy it at Random Objects

47. “F is for fresh” $14.99 Almost sold out at Linty Fresh

48. “Ackbarpography” $18.95 Buy it at SplitReason

49. Braille t-shirt $19 Buy it at Service

50. “Drop Shadows Not Bombs” £23.32 Buy it at MySoti

51. “Fear of a copper Black Panet” $25 Buy it at Wire & Twine

52. Type Tee by Parra for Rockwell €40 Buy it at Colette

53. “The Main Stream” £15.40 Buy it at Scribtee

54. “Helvetica Neue 55 Roman” £29.38 Buy it at Blanka

55. “My Life Is Based On A True Story” €23 Buy it at laFraise

56. “Miyamoto-San” $16 Buy it at Huzzah Goods

57. “I’ve lost t the key to my imagination, now I can’t start my unicorn” $20 Buy it at Made With Awesome

58. Word t-shirt $22 Buy it at Veer [via ATB]

59. “What’s so bad about feeling good” £18 Buy it at Chalk Brighton

60. “Beyond Nothing Must Be Something” €17 Buy it at Sixpack France

61. “Knowledge is Power” $24.99
Buy it at Simply Complicated

62. “Let’s Preserve our Nature” $18 Buy it at Goodjoe

63. “Keep it simple” $20 Buy it at W+K Studio

64. “Helyetica” $24.99 Buy it from Meme Engine

65. “Sometimes when I’m alone I used Comic Sans” 299 or whatever it is they use in Norway for currency Buy it at Robotee

66. “Lorem Ispum” by RikkiB £21.47 Buy it at MySoti

67. “Magnum” $28 Buy it at Us Versus Them (available in numerous colourways)

68. “El Vética” $22 Buy it at Mule Design

69. Ampersand $22 Buy it at Yellow Black & White

70. Ampersand Pattern $22 Buy it at Turn Nocturnal

71. “Sympathy for the bevel” $26 Buy it at Glarkware

72. “Bone, Thugs & Typography” 5040 Yen Buy it at Publik:

73. “More Sleep Please” by Rinzen$79.95AUD Buy it at Collective Edition

74. “Library” $28 Buy it at Part of It

75. “Happy Type Family” €21 Buy it at Allmightys

76. “I’m not a monster” $18 Buy it at ShirtFight

77. “Stronger Than All” Possibly on sale at Le Sucre

78. “After the rain comes the rainbow” $19 Sold out at DesignByHumans

79. “Us & Them” $22 Buy it at Milk & Eggs Co.

80. “Lion for a day” $20 Buy it at Random Objects

81. “Stick Your Fingers Down Your Throat” (in Czech) €18 Buy it at typotheque

82. “May the luck be with you” €23 Buy it at LaFraise

83. “Anonymous” £18 Buy it at Origin68

84. “Italy is for lovers” $24 Buy it at No Star Clothing

85. “New Money” £18 Buy it at Nouveau Riche

86. “It’s not like the movies” £25 Buy it at Lazy Oaf

87. “Type” Zip-up hoodie $35 Buy it at Turn Nocturnal

88. “Ampersand Snake” $22 Buy it at Randr

89. “Helbotica” $20 Buy it at Chop Shop

90. “Artists love to draw attention” $12 Almost sold out at Threadless

91. “Sustainability for designers” by M12MOM £18.19 Buy it at MySoti

92. “Do what you love” $14.99 Buy it at Hello Destroyers

93. “Idle hands are the devil’s tools” $22 Buy it at Society6

94. “Anatomy of the letter A” $19 Buy it at Von Roxy

95. “HVW8 Logo” by Parra 5040 Yen Buy it at Publik:

96. “Helvetica.” by Justin French £14.81 Buy it at RedBubble

97. “Sight Winners and Noisy Losers” 2,500 Yen Buy it at Graniph

98. “Suddenly, It’s Real!” No longer on sale because the designer had a child and shut up their shop [via ATB]

99. “Baseline” $22 Buy it at Veer

100. “Arial is not my type” €29 Buy it at Not My Type

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