Is this creepy hoodie real?

by Andy on August 25, 2010

skin hoodie

I can’t help but feel that this hoodie is some kind of photoshop trickery, since it seems strange that someone would make a torso-like hoodie that has a t-shirt suntan (hell, if I had that body I’d NEVER wear anything over my chiseled abs), but it’s a cool concept either way. [via Agent M Loves Tacos]

  • mike

    According to the guy who made it, it’s photoshopped.

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  • Andy

    Thanks for hunting that down Mike!

  • Zechmann

    Had to be Photoshopped. The cut and material just seem almost impossible to make (especially looking at the arms).

  • Andy

    I was thinking that it might be some kind of concept piece made out of latex and technical wizardry.

  • Zechmann

    Yea, I thought that too, but seeing his arms it just seems too perfect. Very neat idea, though.

  • Sim De Great

    Damn, i was looking into buying one!

  • ilana

    i really want oneee

  • Bgsbnnydaf

    photo edited. skin – too real.

    nice concept.

  • Bgsbnnydaf

    I’d want a female one, and wear it all the time.

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