Shirt Launch – a cool way to find out about new shirts

by Andy on August 25, 2010

shirt launch

Ironically, I should have posted about this site a few weeks ago, which illustrates my point perfectly. I can’t write about everything all the time, I need to sleep (even if that doesn’t always work out), and that frequently means that there are companies I’d love to write about that get slid into the queue, and sometimes they get stuck in there like a 100km long line of Chinese traffic.

Shirt Launch is pretty much the opposite, instead of e-mailing someone to then post about their new line, the brands can just post about it themselves, letting people know when their new shirts will be released and where you can buy them. It’s a well put together site, which is hardly surprising since I Am The Trend are behind it, and seems to be getting some decent support from brands, which is good because without brands submitting their lines there wouldn’t be any point visiting the site. Am I worried about Shirt Launch destroying HYA? Of course not, you guys visit because of my witty banter and insight, right?…. I’m doomed!

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