Foursquare Mayor Crown T-shirt

by Andy on August 26, 2010

foursquare t-shirt

The thing about Foursquare is, I’m on it, but I don’t know why, because I only know one of my local friends that are on it, and no local businesses offer anything for checking in at venues, so if I become a makor of a venue, it means even less than usual! Still, the graphics on the interface are pretty sweet, which I guess is why I keep on using it, to get those badges for no particular reason, but hey, if you’re in a place, bored, and have nothing else to do, you might as well check-in at a venue.

The of course have a store, and in that store is a few t-shirts, including this one of the Foursquare mayor badge that I reckon is pretty fetching, although somewhat ruined by the inclusion of their logo, which throws off the whole balance of the design.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at the Foursquare store

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