TshirtMarket – Australia’s answer to Renegade

by Andy on August 26, 2010


Here’s an idea I like, t-shirt markets. I’m sure that those of you in LA, Chicago, and Brooklyn are going “yeah, they’re awesome” because they’ve got the Renegade crew rolling through every year (6 months?) but for the rest of us things are sorely lacking. That’s obviously a bit of a generalisation but I haven’t heard about many events of a similar nature and I’d like to think that if they existed, I’d know about them. If I’m wrong let me know in the comments, maybe I could put together a list about craft shows?

TshirtMarket is a new Australian initiative to get lots of brands together (big and small) in a venue and get them selling their shirts to the public, making a name for themselves in their local area, and knowing Australians, probably eating and drinking too. As you can probably tell from the graphic above they’re not yet ready to open the doors at a TBA venue, but they do certainly want to hear from brands about getting involved, and if you’re an Aussie t-shirt fan it might be worth getting your name on the mailing list to hear about developments.

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