Glenn Beck’s Scared, Moronic followers and their equally moronic t-shirts

by Andy on August 31, 2010

thank god for fox news t-shirt

As usual, I look at these pictures of morons wearing t-shirts at a Glenn Beck Rally (for a guy that loves comparing everyone to Hitler you’d think he’d avoid the word ‘rally’), I cannot make sense of what must happen in their minds to become so warped that they believe Glenn Beck is a voice of reason, but thankfully they have freedom of speech in America (and let’s not forget freedom of religion so that the fellow in the picture there can thank his chosen God for a TV channel that is surely built on top of a portal to hell) so they can express their gratitude to Glenn.

  • skatimmy737

    If Fox News is built on the gateway to hell, then this guy is definitely the gatekeeper. Also, I discovered Glen Beck is a Mormon so I think I finally understand why he is the way he is.

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  • Drake Reinhardt

    You liberals are such jokes. Do you realize how stupid you make yourselves look on a daily basis? If I were you I’d commit suicide.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    No need to waste time trolling on a post that’s the best part of a year old, move along.

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